Artist: Gaerea

Album Title: Limbo

Label: Season Of Mist

Date of Release: 24 July 2020

There has to be something in the water in Portugal. For a country that is probably most known as a holiday destination thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate, it seems to also be an expert in creating some pretty dark and heavy music. Naturally, one’s first thought will be Moonspell, arguably Portugal’s most famous metal export. But I’d also mention the likes of Oblique Rain to illustrate my point even further. However, neither of these even comes close to creating the kind of torturous, bleak and morose music that Gaerea unleash upon the Earth.

Despite forming around 2016 and having released an EP and a debut album, ‘Unsettling Whispers’, this is my first taste of Gaerea. And I will admit to being both impressed and drained by the experience. ‘Limbo’ is not the kind of music you play to lighten the mood, or to get a party started. It is a relentless barrage of black metal that’s cold, morose, emotionally challenging and extreme. And yet, it is also incredibly magnetic, thanks to an insertion of just the right amount of melody and subtle sophistication to keep you coming back for repeated listens.

To add to the intrigue of the music, the band remain deliberately anonymous, literally shrouded in mystery as their press photos ably demonstrate. And so I can’t give due credit to each member individually by name, although I suspect they prefer it that way.

In the press release, the quintet refers somewhat obliquely to “the tale of the Fallen Society and the journey to the vast Void, the only good in Life”. However, without knowing the true meaning behind all of the lyrics and the album as a whole, it seems fitting and entirely in keeping with the tone of the record. The six tracks that comprise ‘Limbo’ are laced with frustration, tempered violence, and suffocating, hopeless melancholy, borne out and underlined by the incredibly striking and uncomfortable artwork that adorns the record.

‘Limbo’ begins with one of the best tracks on the expertly-produced album. It lurches from the speakers with a slow, churning dissonance, a lumbering hulk of a song that builds in intensity and pace in deliberate fashion. When the faster drumming enters the fray, it remains shy of a full-on black metal blastbeat until the musicians dictate that it is necessary for the composition. The tortured, moaning gurns of the vocalist call to mind Deinonychus at points, whilst carefully-injected melody creeps into the song, a counterpoint to the well-honed violence that encompasses it. It makes it all the more rewarding then when, at the halfway point, an elegant melody emerges as the focal point, only to give way to a post-rock-meets-ambient section of gorgeous minimalism. The haunting lead guitar that emerges is simply beautiful and offers a whole new listening experience, before being swept aside by another wave of thunderous malevolence, albeit this time, laced liberally with melody that sticks in the mind.

‘Null’ is a shorter composition in comparison, but as you’d expect from this outfit, it packs no less of a punch for it. Featuring less twists and turns, instead it opts for an altogether faster pace for the most part, where the drumming hits warp speed in places, to carry the icy riffs along in a blaze of ferocity. But again, there’s some arresting melody buried within the track, melody that’s further enhanced by the sound of deep and ominous choral vocal effects. If anything, the vocals are even more tortured than before, conveying that sense of hopelessness so well.


‘Conspiranoia’ is also worthy of mention, as it’s another arresting song. I really like the way in which the drums are allowed to come to the fore during moments of relative calm, as well as the way in which the track builds so well across its nine-minute length. The changes in pace are really well done, whilst a reprise of those haunting male choral effects adds a greater sense of unease and malevolence, whilst adding gravitas too.

The final track is simply-titled ‘Mare’ and at 13 minutes, it is the longest track on the entire record. And yet, it doesn’t feel that way, because it holds your attention throughout. More chant-like effects tap into the theatrical side of black metal, before the song literally explodes from a ponderous opening, into a blaze of sharp, frosty riffs and blastbeats. The melody this time is much more mournful in tone, but it is still arresting and irresistible, especially as it is allowed to weave in and out of various soundscapes from all-out attack, to more nuanced and poignant. It is most definitely a fittingly elegant conclusion to a super album.

I won’t deny it. Listening to ‘Limbo’ is not an easy or simple exercise. It requires stamina and attention, and it is likely that by the end, you will be mentally exhausted, with your ears ringing and your head pounding. But it is so very worth it, because there’s something about this record that is so indescribably rewarding. You feel as if you’ve been beaten and bruised, but you also realise that you’ve been privy to something very powerful and, ultimately, incredibly entertaining. And, what’s more, give it a few minutes and you’ll be wanting to listen again. In ‘Limbo’, Gaerea have created an album that will most definitely make the black metal world sit up and take notice, and rightly so.

The Score of Much Metal: 91%

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1ooMJ1jUxw&w=560&h=315]

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