Day eight of my Top 20 of 2012 countdown.

RoF1Reign of Fury
‘World Detonation’
Mosh Tuneage

We’re up to number 13 in my Top 20 of 2012 daily countdown and the holder of this position is both a late entry and a surprise one to boot. This slot belongs to the UK’s Reign of Fury with their debut album ‘World Detonation’.

Reign of Fury have taken on the big boys of thrash this year and, thanks to a fabulous blend of sharp riffs, memorable NWOBHM-reminiscent melodies, twin-guitar harmonies, engaging choruses and a demonstrable 80s Bay Area attitude, they’ve come out on top in the Mansion of Much Metal.


I really enjoyed ‘World Detonation’ with its apparent care-free and breezy outer shell and serious, focused core because the results are fantastically epic, fist-pumpingly powerful and will knock your socks off at one hundred paces.



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