Day 15 in my Top 20 rock/metal albums of 2012 countdown. As usual, links to the previous 14 days can be found at the bottom of this post should you have been naughty and missed any.

‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’

Not only have I got more into melodic hard rock this year, but 2012 has also been the year that I have developed a lot more love for progressive rock at the softer end of the spectrum. Might it have something to do with the fact that I became a Dad in 2012 and as such my hard musical edges are softening? That’s a discussion for another day I suspect.

Earlier in my countdown I featured Big Big Train and today, in the number 6 slot, I bring you Marillion’s ‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’

I am one of those apparently rare beasts who like both incarnations of Marillion equally. As a young teenager, I discovered ‘Seasons End’ first in a dusty old record exchange shop in my home town. But then, over the years, I delved into the entire back catalogue and have liked the vast majority of what I’ve heard. However, with this album in particular, I am truly smitten.


‘Sounds That Can’t Be Made’ is an utterly brilliant progressive rock album that entrances me from start to finish. It is challenging but also wonderfully melodic at the same time. It is also extremely ambitious, kicking off with a 17-minute track (‘Gaza’) and then featuring another two songs amongst the eight in total that reach double figures. My personal favourite track (and I seem to be in the minority here from the reviews I’ve seen) is the exquisitely beautiful and emotional closing track, ‘The Sky Above The Rain’ which I have played on repeat too many times to mention.

As with many of my Top 10 choices, there is so much more that I could say. Instead, I’ll just end with the observation that perhaps, in my opinion, this is the strongest album of Marillion’s career.



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