Artist: Nochnoy Dozor

Album Title: Nochnoy Dozor

Label: Prophecy Productions

Date of Release: 26 October 2018

With a name like this, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Nochnoy Dozor hailed from somewhere in Russia or the Baltic. As it turns out, the band are actually Greek, and came into existence in around 2015. This self-titled EP is the quintet’s debut and I have to say that it is extremely intriguing and rather engaging.

Their moniker is apparently inspired by the Sergei Lukyanenko novel of the same name which, in English is loosely translated as ‘Night Watch’. Comprised of guitarist Manos G, vocalist Lina, keyboardist/synth player and backing vocalist Revekka, drummer Chris “Jo” and bassist Nick, the music is actually rather unique. They seek to blend a number of styles into their output and do it pretty successfully. Alongside heavy metal elements such as distorted guitars, bold drumming and rumbling bass, there are elements of ambient, pop, dark rock and doom all interwoven into the six tracks that make up this EP.

Arguably the most striking element of Nochnoy Dozor’s sound however, is the use of dual female vocals. Neither growl or shriek, they just lace the material with sensitive but powerful and passionate mellifluous singing. I’m reminded a little of the delivery of Cammie Gilbert of Oceans of Slumber, in so far as Lina’s vocals are just so soulful and different. And yet, they suit the dark and foreboding music perfectly.

The EP begins with ‘Black Hand’, which starts off with just a few sparse guitar notes and Lina’s mesmerising voice. It could not be more minimal in its approach, meaning that when the rest of the band join in, it makes a heck of an impact. The distorted guitars, ably assisted by the bass create a satisfying rumble that counterpoints the vocals, whilst the drums create an insistent beat on top of the simple yet effective melodies. The synths gather momentum, creating layers of atmosphere, dystopian and dark in tone, but beautifully richand layered. The backing vocals of Revekka are equally melodic and when they duet on top of a heavy but restrained tumult, I find myself very impressed.

The music is far removed from the likes of Katatonia, but I am somehow reminded of them on this track and within the EP as a whole. I think, in the main, this is because of the darkness and the dystopian nature that combine with subtlety and strong melody to create a striking musical backdrop.


‘Stains’ kicks off again in minimalist fashion with just drummer Chris “Jo” laying down a simple beat over which Lina sings softly and assuredly. The bass joins in and the song begins to take shape. Unlike the opener however, the metallic aspects do not make an appearance. Instead, the band are content to explore more subtle, laid back but no less intense soundscapes, where minimalism, gentle electronica and ambience all combine beautifully, only to erupt in the final stages.

The heavy, distorted and dirty, doom-laden riffs return within ‘Closer’ but again, Lina’s vocals lace the bolder composition with elegance, especially when duetting with Revekka. The melodies are more pop-like here to my ears and yet they seem to fit well with the heavier approach. The synths too also assist in creating a multi-faceted song that’s over before it has even begun, lasting just three minutes.

The synths of Revekka are stunning within the opening to ‘Home Sick Home’, where again the melodies have more than a hint of pop about them. And yet, the bold ambience, accentuated by the pronounced minimalism could not be further from the mainstream world of pop. And the dark, melancholy tones and lyrics push things even further into the underground. But the song is just incredible brittle and subtle, it is irresistible.

Arguably the most confrontational and altogether heaviest song on this EP is ‘All Mine’, despite the muscular outbursts being cleverly interspersed with quieter moments. But when the aggression is unleashed, it is jarring and more than a little uncomfortable. The same can be said of the final track, ‘Ben-Hur’ which begins with a slightly unnerving and sinister fashion, the soundtrack of nightmares. Mind you, the slow, heavy doom riffs that emerge don’t do much to lighten the mood. But worry not, because there is plenty of ebb and flow, where quieter minimalism takes over one minute and where the pace picks up the next. In fact, it’s a surprisingly urgent way in which to end the EP.

I have to admit that I have been very surprised by this release. A lot takes place within the six tracks here, almost all of them positive and intriguing. I genuinely enjoy the music on offer on ‘Nochnoy Dozor’ because it is relatively unique, melodic and well put together. I’d love to hear a full album from Nochnoy Dozor but for the time being, this debut EP is more than enough to get heads turning and announce their arrival in the metal world. I have a good feeling about the future for this properly interesting band.

The Score of Much Metal: 8.5

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTe8AFsd4jI&w=560&h=315]

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