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Live Gig Review: Def Leppard – O2 Arena, 6 December 2018

Artist: Def Leppard & Cheap Trick Venue: O2 Arena, London Date: 6 December 2018 When a colleague offers you the opportunity to see one of your all-time favourite bands live, you have to accept. When it transpires that the band in question would be playing their best album from start to finish, you don’t just  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2018 – Number 20

We’ve hit the top 20! It is getting even more serious, if that was ever possible? So welcome to the eleventh chapter of my 2018 ‘Album of the Year’ series. And, in honour of this momentous occasion, I’m going to dispense with my introductory waffle – not that you read it anyway, I’m not silly,  Continue Reading »

Hollow – Between Eternities of Darkness – Album Review

Artist: Hollow Album Title: Between Eternities of Darkness Label: Rockshot Records Date of Release: 6 December 2018 I had cause the other week to rehouse a few of my ever-expanding CDs and in so doing, I cast my eyes upon an album called ‘Architect of the Mind’, a little-known album released via Nuclear Blast Records  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2018 – Number 29

Hello everyone, here we are again, with episode 2 of my annual top 30 countdown of the best albums released this year. And what a year it has been. I know that I say it every year, but 2018 has produced some truly excellent music across a range of guitar-based subgenres. As the Man of  Continue Reading »

Threads Of Fate – A Funeral For The Virtuous – EP Review

Artist: Threads Of Fate Album Title: A Funeral For The Virtuous EP Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 23 November 2018 Every now and then, along comes a band or a new release that will force me to rethink my views and preferences in a certain area. Today, the release is a four-track EP and  Continue Reading »

Divine Ascension – The Uncovering – Album Review

Artist: Divine Ascension Album Title: The Uncovering Label: Vicisolum Records Date of Release: 16 November 2018 The phenomenon is not abating, it is only gaining strength. I am, of course, referring to Australia and the plethora of incredible music coming from out Antipodean friends on the other side of the world. They may have stolen  Continue Reading »

Godless – Swarm – EP Review

Artist: Godless Album Title: Swarm EP Label: Independent Date of Release: 27 October 2018 The subcontinent has never been the greatest exponent of heavy metal but as the years go by, a few more names have made it into the consciousness of the metal masses. To date, Demonic Resurrection remain arguably the best known but  Continue Reading »

Universe Effects – Desolation – Album Review

Artist: Universe Effects Album Title: Desolation Label: Independent Date of Release: 29 October 2018 And finally, here we have it. I was talking a few weeks ago about the fact that I am forever searching for the next great prog discovery, a task that has become ever-harder as the years go by because I feel  Continue Reading »

Kalidia – The Frozen Throne – Album Review

Artist: Kalidia Album Title: The Frozen Throne Label: Inner Wound Recordings Date of Release: 23 November 2018 I am the Man of Much Metal and I pride myself on liking a wide range of the genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres of guitar-based music, from melodic rock and pastoral prog at one end, to black and death  Continue Reading »

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – Friendship – Album Review

Artist: Gungfly Album Title: Friendship Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 9 November 2018 It takes a special kind of artist to be able to lure in listeners who are usually more comfortable in other genres. It takes an even more special musician to retain their interest and engage with them once they have taken  Continue Reading »

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