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The Top 10 Individual Songs of 2019

I thought as a final last hurrah to 2019, I’d bring you my thoughts on my favourite ten songs of the year. In no particular order, except for the number one spot, here goes… In first place: Evergrey ‘All I Have’ This was the song that was the soundtrack to a very difficult time in  Continue Reading »

Andy Gillion – Neverafter – Album Review

Artist: Andy Gillion Album Title: Neverafter Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 15 November 2019 My awareness of Andy Gillion began when the guitarist and songwriter joined the ranks of Mors Principium Est in 2011. The Englishman, now based in Australia, became an integral member of the Finnish melodic death metal outfit, with the most  Continue Reading »

Live Gig Review: Devin Townsend & Haken – The Roundhouse, London, 12 December 2019

Artist: Devin Townsend & Haken Venue: The Roundhouse, London Date: 12 December 2019 Thanks to the unexpected but thoroughly appreciated benevolence of a long-time reader of my website, I found myself heading towards Camden instead of making a beeline for Liverpool Street Station for my normal commute home. As luck had it, I was visiting  Continue Reading »

Soen – Lotus – Album Review

Artist: Soen Album Title: Lotus Label: Silver Lining Music Date of Release: 1 February 2019 Despite my lengthy hiatus on, I was still listening to music here and there, trying not to fall too far behind and keep up-to-date with the happenings in the heavy music world. As such, having been so impressed with  Continue Reading »

Avatarium – The Fire I Long For – Album Review

Artist: Avatarium Album Title: The Fire I Long For Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 22 November 2019 Greatness and class will always shine through. And if ever there was an example of this, it’s Avatarium. Why do I say this? Because I have never really been a fan of ‘classic’ 70s doom music. And  Continue Reading »

Mother Of Millions – Artifacts – Album Review

Artist: Mother Of Millions Album Title: Artifacts Label: ViciSolum Productions Date of Release: 22 March 2019 This review comes several months after its official release but it’s because until about two weeks ago, I’d never heard of Mother Of Millions. Indeed, it was the recent announcement by ProgPower Europe that the Greek band had been  Continue Reading »

Meshiaak – Mask Of All Misery – Album Review

Artist: Meshiaak Album Title: Mask Of All Misery Label: Mascot Label Group Date of Release: 15 November 2019 I’ve never listened to Meshiaak before coming to this review. I saw some photos of the band, with those masks of theirs and made an assumption that I’d not like them, especially as I would never consider  Continue Reading »

CyHra – No Halos In Hell – Album Review

Artist: CyHra Album Title: No Halos In Hell Label: Nuclear Blast Records Date of Release: 15 November 2019 It is inescapable and as inevitable as death and taxes…a band like CyHra will always receive flak from certain sections of the heavy metal community. ‘These guys aren’t metal’, ‘this is rubbish pop with guitars’, ‘sellouts’, ‘they’re  Continue Reading »

Klone – Le Grand Voyage – Album Review

Artist: Klone Album Title: Le Grand Voyage Label: Kscope Date of Release: 20 September 2019 Do you know the feeling you get when an album just clicks? You know, that feeling that is accompanied by goosebumps, where your hairs stand on end, where you try to take the album out of the stereo or off  Continue Reading »

Vanden Plas – The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening – Album Review

Artist: Vanden Plas Album Title: The Ghost Xperiment: Awakening Label: Frontiers Records Date of Release: 11 October 2019 I firmly believe that my thoughts towards this disc say more about my own personal mindset than the quality or lack thereof on display on this record. So, with that said, let’s delve into ‘The Ghost Xperiment:  Continue Reading »

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