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2020 – Honourable Mentions & The Ones That Got Away

2020 was a rubbish year, but a killer one in terms of new music. Unperturbed by events around the world, many artists brought their ‘A’ game to the studio to record excellent new music, music we all hope we’ll hear from a stage at some point in 2021. Fingers crossed. To underline my point about  Continue Reading »

Awake By Design – Awake By Design – Album Review

Artist: Awake By Design Album Title: Awake By Design Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 14 August 2020 My question to you is this: were you a fan of Kamelot, but have become a little disillusioned by their output in recent years? If, like me, you find yourself answering ‘yes’, then might I suggest you  Continue Reading »

Haken – Interview 2020 Part 2 – Virus – ‘This is our passion, our love and our life’

If you missed it, Part 1 can be read right here.   If you’ve already checked out the first part of my interview with Ross Jennings, vocalist with UK progressive rock/metal band Haken, then thanks for returning. You must be gluttons for punishment! So, before you change your mind, let’s get on with Part 2  Continue Reading »

Nicumo – Inertia – Album Review

Artist: Nicumo Album Title: Inertia Label: Inverse Records Date of Release: 27 March 2020 Hands up who misses Sentenced? You can’t see me, but I have both hands held aloft, which makes typing this review somewhat tricky. Ever since I discovered the Finnish band in the late 90s, I have loved them and it was  Continue Reading »

Testament – Titans Of Creation – Album Review

Artist: Testament Album Title: Titans Of Creation Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 3 April 2020 2020 will already go down as the year in which I finally ditched the crazy notion that maybe I don’t like doom metal that much. With a plethora of cracking doom releases tickling my sweet spot, I could no  Continue Reading »

Myth Of I – Myth Of I – Album Review

Artist: Myth Of I Album Title: Myth Of I Label: The Artisan Era Date of Release: 10 April 2020 Four words to either make you salivate or recoil in horror are these: Berklee College of Music. For some, these words are the stamp of quality and suggest a level of skill that most of the  Continue Reading »

My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion – Album Review

Artist: My Dying Bride Album Title: The Ghost Of Orion Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 6 March 2020 Let’s be honest, the very fact that My Dying Bride are still in existence in 2020 is something of a minor miracle. Lesser bands may have thrown in the towel when faced with the adversity that  Continue Reading »

The Oneira – Injection – Album Review

Artist: The Oneira Album Title: Injection Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 13 March 2020 I have been listening to an awful lot of dark, heavy and aggressive music over the last month or so. Not for any particular reason, just as a slave to the recent release schedule that has dictated my listening habits  Continue Reading »

Night Crowned – Impius Viam – Album Review

Artist: Night Crowned Album Title: Impius Viam Label: Noble Demon Date of Release: 28 February 2020 I remember, like it was yesterday, the moment when I was first introduced to the music of Dissection. It was in my first year at university, around 1998, and I was lent a copy of ‘Storm Of The Light’s  Continue Reading »

Deadrisen – Deadrisen – Album Review

Artist: Deadrisen Album Title: Deadrisen Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 13 March 2020 Is there any release these days that doesn’t feature bassist Mike LePond? He seems to be everywhere at the moment, popping up all over the place. And here he is again, wielding the four-string in a new band by the name  Continue Reading »

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