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Album of the Year 2018 – Number 30

Hello to you all! Readers old and readers new, welcome to that ridiculous annual tradition that I started a few years ago, namely my series counting down the top 30 albums released this year. If you’re new to this whole event, please feel free to check out my previous countdowns right here: Album of the  Continue Reading »

Aethereus – Absentia – Album Review

Artist: Aethereus Album Title: Absentia Label: Independent Date of Release: 10 August 2018 Aesthesys, Aeon, Aeon Of Horus, Aetherian. The list of bands that insist on having a name that starts with ‘Ae’ is almost never ending. And now you can add another to that significant list – Aethereus. Not only that, but in keeping  Continue Reading »

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