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Ghost Ship Octavius – Delirium – Album Review

Artist: Ghost Ship Octavius Album Title: Delirium Label: Iceburn Multimedia Date of Release: TBC – digital release 21 September 2018 One of my most embarrassing moments as a music reviewer involves Ghost Ship Octavius. For some reason, one that I still cannot fathom, I completely missed the release of this band’s self-titled debut. It was  Continue Reading »

Ghost Ship Octavius – Ghost Ship Octavius – Album Review

  Artist: Ghost Ship Octavius Album Title: Ghost Ship Octavius Label: Independent Release Date Of Release: 2015 What I’m about to say might shock you. There are some of you who might even vehemently disagree. But it is true, I can assure you. I am human and I am fallible. I know this for sure  Continue Reading »

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