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Wake – Thought Form Descent – Album Review

Artist: Wake Album Title: Thought Form Descent Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 22 July 2022 Canadian band Wake have been around since 2009 but until now, they haven’t been high on my list of bands to check out, principally because they started life as a grindcore band. I like a bit of grind  Continue Reading »

Artificial Brain – Artificial Brain – Album Review

Artist: Artificial Brain Album Title: Artificial Brain Label: Profound Lore Records Date of Release: 3 June 2022 I think that it is safe to say that this record has surprised me. I’d heard very little about Artificial Brain prior to being sent this promo opportunity, so I was expecting an album full of brutal and  Continue Reading »

IATT – Magnum Opus – Album Review

Artist: IATT Album Title: Magnum Opus Label: Black Lion Records Date of Release: 27 May 2022 This is my first experience of IATT, and I’m listening to ‘Magnum Opus’, their third album, having read some positive reviews elsewhere of previous records. I’m also taking the plunge because the band find themselves on Black Lion Records,  Continue Reading »

Hath – All That Was Promised – Album Review

Artist: Hath Album Title: All That Was Promised Label: Willowtip Records Date of Release: 4 March 2022 I’d been reading quite a bit of hype around a band called Hath of late, so I felt that I ought to check them out. Unfortunately, my extended hiatus in 2019 coincided with the release of Hath’s debut  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2021 – Number 24

Welcome to Day 7 of my ‘Album Of The Year 2021 Top 30 countdown’. I’m glad you’re still with me, as we reach the end of the first week. I’m really enjoying myself and I sincerely hope that this is coming across in this series – after all, it’s supposed to be a bit of  Continue Reading »

Thulcandra – A Dying Wish – Album Review

Artist: Thulcandra Album Title: A Dying Wish Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 29 October 2021 I was gently nudged in the direction of Thulcandra a couple of years ago when a social media acquaintance suggested I give them a try as a more ‘moral’ alternative to Dissection. Given that Dissection are no more, and  Continue Reading »

Kryptan – Kryptan – EP Review

Artist: Kryptan Album Title: Kryptan Label: Debemur Morti Productions Date of Release: 23 July 2021 From the mind of ex-Katatonia and October Tide musician Mattias Norrman, comes a new entity by the name of Kryptan. And, given my love of Katatonia, and my appreciation for October Tide, I am delighted to be in a position  Continue Reading »

Night Crowned – Hädanfärd – Album Review

Artist: Night Crowned Album Title: Hädanfärd Label: Noble Demon Date of Release: 9 July 2021 The press release accompanying ‘Hädanfärd’, the sophomore release from Night Crowned proudly declares that the Swede’s debut album, ‘Impius Viam’ was hailed by fans and critics alike as ‘one of the best releases of the year.’ Normally, I dismiss statements  Continue Reading »

Ninkharsag – The Dread March Of Solemn Gods – Album Review

Artist: Ninkharsag Album Title: The Dread March Of Solemn Gods Label: Vendetta Records Date of Release: 30 April 2021 On one of my infamous evenings of ‘research’ where I trawl my inbox, promo databases, and the web at large to identify new music to listen to, review, and bring to a wider audience, I happened  Continue Reading »

Throne – Pestilent Dawn – Album Review

Artist: Throne Album Title: Pestilent Dawn Label: Redefining Darkness Records Date of Release: 9 April 2021 If you are on the lookout for a pulverising half-hour of extreme death metal music, then you may wish to read on. If you’re into more fluffy forms of heavy metal, then you may instead wish to give this  Continue Reading »

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