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Vemod – The Deepening – Album Review

Artist: Vemod Album Title: The Deepening Label: Prophecy Productions Date of Release: 19 January 2024 It has taken a decade for this album to see the light of day but there’s an argument to suggest that time has little meaning in the town of Namsos, Norway. Inhabited by just over eight thousand, Namsos is an  Continue Reading »

Austere – Corrosion Of Hearts – Album Review

Artist: Austere Album Title: Corrosion Of Hearts Label: Prophecy Productions/Lupus Lounge Date of Release: 28 April 2023 How is it that when the weather starts to turn, and the sun comes out, I start rediscovering my love for the darker, more melancholy side of metal? It makes no sense, but then, it’s arguable that nothing  Continue Reading »

Bizarrekult – Den Tapte Krigen – Album Review

Artist: Bizarrekult Album Title: Den Tapte Krigen Label: Season Of Mist Date of Release: 27 January 2023 The only problem with pacing myself with my reviews, is that I have to apologise a lot more, for delays in getting them written and published. If I go hell for leather as I did in 2022, I  Continue Reading »

Sylvaine – Nova – Album Review

Artist: Sylvaine Album Title: Nova Label: Season Of Mist Date of Release:  4 March 2022 Whenever Season Of Mist drop a promo into my lap, I find it rude not to dive straight in for a listen, even if it is for an artist about which I previously knew very little. They are a label  Continue Reading »

The Best Songs of 2021

As in years before, I wanted to round off 2021 with a quick look at some of the best individual songs that I heard during 2021. As with my recent Top 30 series, this is a list of my personal favourite songs. They might not be the most technical, clever, or complicated songs of the  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2021 – Number 5

Welcome to Day 26 of my Album Of The Year 2021 Top 30 Countdown series. So, here we are. After more than three weeks, I have arrived at the final five – the five best albums of 2021 as far as I’m concerned. Trends and peer pressure be damned, these are the five records that  Continue Reading »

MØL – Diorama – Album Review

Artist: MØL Album Title: Diorama Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release:  5 November 2021 The very thought of black metal being uplifting and positive is pretty much heresy, certainly if you listen to those that consider themselves to be ‘trve’ black metal fans. And yet, here I am, listening to ‘Diorama’, the second album from  Continue Reading »

Mariana’s Rest – Fata Morgana – Album Review

Artist: Mariana’s Rest Album Title: Fata Morgana Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 12 March 2021 I’ll admit that Mariana’s Rest are a new name to me despite this 2021 release entitled ‘Fata Morgana’ being their third full-length offering. But when you’re presented with a doom-infused melodic death metal album from Finland, which features the  Continue Reading »

Empyrium – Über den Sternen – Album Review

Artist: Empyrium Album Title: Über den Sternen Label: Prophecy Productions Date of Release: 26 February 2021 I have a soft spot for Empyrium, so much so that I splurged a great deal of money on the box set ‘A Retrospective…’ a few years ago. Starting out as more of a melodic black metal band, the  Continue Reading »

An Autumn For Crippled Children – All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet – Album Review

Artist: An Autumn For Crippled Children Album Title: All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet Label: Prosthetic Records Date of Release: 1 May 2020 If ever there was a band with a name that is the equivalent of shooting themselves in the head, it is this one. An Autumn For Crippled Children (henceforth referred to as  Continue Reading »

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