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Deicide – Banished By Sin – Album Review

Artist: Deicide Album Title: Banished By Sin       Label: Reigning Phoenix Music Date of Release: 26 April 2024 I’ve never been a fan of Deicide. I’ll happily state that right at the outset. And it’s not for any other reason that I have always thought of their music as the kind of death metal that sounds  Continue Reading »

Hour Of Penance – Devotion – Album Review

Artist: Hour Of Penance Album Title: Devotion Label: Agonia Records Date of Release: 5 April 2024 Yeck, yuck, and thrice yuck. The AI debate will rage on and on for months, years, maybe decades. Who knows where the subject will end. But, in 2024, I am one of the music fans in the camp that  Continue Reading »

Brodequin – Harbinger Of Woe – Album Review

Artist: Brodequin Album Title: Harbinger Of Woe Label: Season Of Mist: Underground Activists Date of Release: 22 March 2024 “With ‘Harbinger of Woe’, Brodequin reclaim their throne as the most brutal band in all of death metal.” Yup, they went there. As press release hyperbole goes, this quote is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a  Continue Reading »

Immolation – Atonement – Album Review

Artist: Immolation Album Title: Atonement Label: Nuclear Blast Date Of Release: 24 February 2017 I feel a little bit of a fraud writing a review of this record because, despite the New York death metal juggernaut being widely regarded as one of the very pioneers of the death metal genre, I’ve never been the biggest  Continue Reading »

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