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Chapel Of Disease – Echoes Of Light – Album Review

Artist: Chapel Of Disease Album Title: Echoes Of Light Label: Van Records Date of Release: 9 February 2024 I’m only reviewing this album because of one of those strange quirks of fate. On one of my infamous late-night voyages of discovery was sent down a different than expected path as I was too slow to  Continue Reading »

Northward – Northward – Album Review

Artist: Northward Album Title: Northward Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 19 October 2018 I first heard about this new band back in February and of it, I remarked that “the names of Floor Jansen and Jørn Viggo Lofstad cannot be ignored”. I was right because here I am eight months later listening to the  Continue Reading »

Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch – Album Review

Artist: Ancient Ascendant Album Title: Raise The Torch Label: Spinefarm Records / Candlelight Records Date Of Release: 21 April 2017 When the legendary Dan Swanö is quoted as saying that Ancient Ascendant are ‘one of the best brutal bands to come out of Britain, well, ever’, I don’t really have any choice but to investigate  Continue Reading »

Inglorious – Inglorious – Album Review

Artist: Inglorious Album Title: Inglorious Label: Frontiers Records Date Of Release: 19 February 2016 I wasn’t sure whether or not to offer a review of this album, the debut self-titled record from UK rockers Inglorious. In each press release and almost every review I’ve seen so far, I’ve read the names Whitesnake, Deep Purple or  Continue Reading »

Australia – A New Powerhouse For Heavy Music?

I hadn’t planned on writing this post but all of a sudden, I felt compelled to do so. In recent months, I have been completely blown away by the quality of music being produced by some Australian artists and I wanted to bring this to people’s attention more. As a brief aside from an English  Continue Reading »

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