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Albums that changed my life: Dimmu Borgir – ‘Enthrone, Darkness, Triumphant’

The latest instalment of my ‘Albums that Changed my Life’ series takes me back to the late 1990s and therefore to when I was in my mid-late teens. I was at high school, undertaking my ‘A’ levels and starting to learn to drive. Halcyon days. At this time, I was heavily into Cradle of Filth  Continue Reading »

Being a Metal Head in the Middle of Nowhere

Today’s topic may resonate with many of you. I certainly hope so, anyway. It’s all about being a music fan outside of any of the big metropolis’ and the challenges this can present. Ok, so I don’t exactly live in the middle of nowhere, but I may as well do. I reside in Ipswich, the  Continue Reading »

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