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Evergrey – Escape Of The Phoenix – Album Review

Artist: Evergrey Album Title: Escape Of The Phoenix Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 26 February 2021 There was a reason why I was so excited a few years ago when Evergrey announced the return of two ex-members to the fold. It was because I knew that the line-up was the best that it could  Continue Reading »

Awake By Design – Awake By Design – Album Review

Artist: Awake By Design Album Title: Awake By Design Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 14 August 2020 My question to you is this: were you a fan of Kamelot, but have become a little disillusioned by their output in recent years? If, like me, you find yourself answering ‘yes’, then might I suggest you  Continue Reading »

Live Review: A Swedish Adventure with Evergrey and Sorcerer – 28 February 2020, Kulturbolaget, Malmö

The wait had been interminable. As an early Christmas present from my incredible girlfriend, the Miss Of Much Metal, I was presented with tickets to the first Evergrey gig in some time, to be hosted in the southern Swedish town of Malmö. Finally however, the 28th February arrived and began with a trip to the  Continue Reading »

The Top 10 Individual Songs of 2019

I thought as a final last hurrah to 2019, I’d bring you my thoughts on my favourite ten songs of the year. In no particular order, except for the number one spot, here goes… In first place: Evergrey ‘All I Have’ This was the song that was the soundtrack to a very difficult time in  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2019 – The Top 10

For the first time in several years, 2019 will not see your inboxes and social media timelines spammed by my epic and rather foolhardy top 20 or top 30 countdown series. I’ve simply not listened to, or reviewed, anywhere near enough music this year to make this a viable possibility. Long-term readers of will  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – The Atlantic – Album Review

Artist: Evergrey Album Title: The Atlantic Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 25 January 2019 Many of you will be aware that since the beginning of 2019, I haven’t written a single review up to this point. I apologise for that. However, there are a few reasons. Firstly, my head has not really been in  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – Interview 2019 – ‘I feel like we could do this forever’

Ever since I discovered Evergrey around the turn of the Millennium, I have seen them live on stage countless times. They have released seven or eight new records of original material and I have interviewed Tom on perhaps five or six occasions. But Evergrey, as we all know, are my number one band, and it  Continue Reading »

A sneak peek into the new releases due in 2019

Hello dear readers. We’re racing inexorably towards the closing stages of 2018, a year that has brought us a lot of great new music. It has also been a year in which I have written more reviews than ever before. But there’s no rest for the wicked because 2019 will soon be upon us and  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 19 September 2018

Hello and welcome to yet another of my heavy metal round-ups, bringing you news that I hope you’ll find interesting. I may not be the first news source, but I hope that I am at least unique in that I try not to just cut and paste what’s already out there. I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading »

Redemption – Interview 2018 – “…there is a lot of good material on here and the best is up there with the best we’ve ever written”

Picture the scene: It’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting in the back of a plush Mercedes, being driven to the O2 to catch the final night of Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ European tour. And who happens to be sitting next to me? That’s right, none other than Nick Van Dyk, the founder,  Continue Reading »

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