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Devoid – Cup Of Tears – Album Review

Artist: Devoid Album Title: Cup Of Tears Label: Melodic Rock Records Date Of Release: 13 October 2017 It can be very easy to lose sight of one’s core principles when faced with an ever-increasing list of albums to review. However, every now and then, an album will come along out of nowhere to remind me  Continue Reading »

Adagio – Life – Album Review

Artist: Adagio Album Title: Life Label: Zeta Nemesis Records Date Of Release: 26 July 2017 It has taken a while to get around to reviewing this record, but for those of you who are eager to hear my thoughts about it, here you go. One of the main reasons why this review is being published  Continue Reading »

Svart Crown – Abreaction- Album Review

Artist: Svart Crown Album Title: Abreaction Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 3 March 2017 The slow, churning and slightly discordant opening notes of ‘Golden Sacrament’ usher in ‘Abreaction’, the fourth album from French blackened death metal band Svart Crown. And immediately, they leave the listener of this record in no doubt that this  Continue Reading »

Klone – Here Comes The Sun – Album Review

Artist: Klone Album Title: Here Comes The Sun Label: Pelagic Records Year Of Release: 2015 One spin of this disc and the irony of the album title will loom large; ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is not a record full of funeral doom, black metal or brutal death but the content is certainly dark, bleak and  Continue Reading »

My Top 20 of 2012 – Number 12

Day 9 of my Top 20 rock/metal albums of 2012 Day 8, featurfing some tasty UK thrash metal can be found here. Gojira ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ Roadrunner Records I never expected this to be an album that I liked, let alone find itself in my Top 20. Previously, the output of French metallers Gojira had left  Continue Reading »

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