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Crematory – Inglorious Darkness – Album Review

Artist: Crematory Album Title: Inglorious Darkness Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 27 May 2022 It feels like Crematory have been around forever. They have long been a part of my musical life, having discovered them a frightening number of years ago as a teenager. The fact that they have been in existence for over  Continue Reading »

Nocturna – Daughters Of The Night -Album Review

Artist: Nocturna Album Title: Daughters Of The Night Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release:  21 January 2022 Today’s review is one of those ‘discoveries’ that I made when undertaking one of my famed late-night trawls through my promo accounts. Of all the genres of heavy music that I like, I’d place Gothic, symphonic metal lower  Continue Reading »

Live gig review – Ghosts Of Atlantis, Dispute, Existentialist – 8 January 2022, The John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, UK

Headliner: Ghost Of Atlantis Support: Dispute, Existentialist The John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK 8 January 2022 I hadn’t been to a gig since February 2020, when I was taken to Malmö to watch Evergrey in their home country. A lot has happened since then, both personally and in terms of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2021 – Number 20

Welcome to Day 11 of my Album of the Year 2021 Top 30 Countdown, the day where we break into the top 20 for the first time. It starts to get a bit more serious now, and I can feel the tension emanating from all the bands yet to be featured – I know they  Continue Reading »

Cradle Of Filth – Existence Is Futile – Album Review

Artist: Cradle Of Filth Album Title: Existence Is Futile Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 22 October 2021 My relationship with Cradle Of Filth has been well-documented on this website over the years, so I don’t propose to delve into it once again. Suffice to say that I have remained a fan of varying degrees  Continue Reading »

Drift Into Black – Patterns Of Light – Album Review

Artist: Drift Into Black Album Title: Patterns Of Light Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 28 May 2021 I have taken a long time to put this review together, because I have flip-flopped back and forth many times when trying to order my thoughts about this album. Drift Into Black is not a band that  Continue Reading »

Moonspell – Hermitage – Album Review

Artist: Moonspell Album Title: Hermitage Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 26 February 2021 “We know that we are entering the final years of our career as musicians: the winter of our lifetime.”  What a quote from Moonspell frontman, Fernando Ribiero to read within the press release for ‘Hermitage’, the thirteenth album of the Portuguese  Continue Reading »

Infernalizer – The Ugly Truth – Album Review

Artist: Infernalizer Album Title: The Ugly Truth Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 26 February 2021 Something a little different for you all today, in the form of a new entity by the name of Infernalizer. Trawling through my review offerings, I saw the name Disarmonia Mundi, and decided to investigate a little further. ‘The  Continue Reading »

Therion – Leviathan – Album Review

Artist: Therion Album Title: Leviathan Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 22 January 2021 The reason this review sees the light of day after the release date is because, frankly, I wasn’t even considering a review of it. Over the long career of the Swedish band, I have dipped in and out of their material,  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2020 – Number 25

Welcome to day six  of my 2020 ‘Album of the Year Top 30 countdown’. Just a quick reminder that numbers 30 down to 16 are really not in any particular order; they all deserve their place in the list and I found the exercise of trying to order them very difficult and a largely redundant  Continue Reading »

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