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Cirith Ungol – Forever Black – Album Review

Artist: Cirith Ungol Album Title: Forever Black Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 24 April 2020 I have always wondered what Cirith Ungol sounded like but had never found the time or a strong enough compulsion to investigate and actually find out. And that’s in spite of the fact that their name is taken  Continue Reading »

Demons & Wizards – III – Album Review

Artist: Demons & Wizards Album Title: III Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 21 February 2020 For many, the collaboration between Iced Earth’s founder/guitarist Jon Schaffer and Blind Guardian’s unique vocalist, Hansi Kursch is the stuff of fantasy and legend. On the one hand, you have the guy that is responsible for the vast  Continue Reading »

Anticipated Album Releases in 2020

Welcome to 2020. I thought I’d start it off in familiar fashion by giving you a hint at what’s to come during the year, although I have tried to be a little more streamlined and not waffle on for ages about each release. There are likely to be further posts in this series, so watch  Continue Reading »

Meshiaak – Mask Of All Misery – Album Review

Artist: Meshiaak Album Title: Mask Of All Misery Label: Mascot Label Group Date of Release: 15 November 2019 I’ve never listened to Meshiaak before coming to this review. I saw some photos of the band, with those masks of theirs and made an assumption that I’d not like them, especially as I would never consider  Continue Reading »

CyHra – No Halos In Hell – Album Review

Artist: CyHra Album Title: No Halos In Hell Label: Nuclear Blast Records Date of Release: 15 November 2019 It is inescapable and as inevitable as death and taxes…a band like CyHra will always receive flak from certain sections of the heavy metal community. ‘These guys aren’t metal’, ‘this is rubbish pop with guitars’, ‘sellouts’, ‘they’re  Continue Reading »

Myrath – Shehili – Album Review

Artist: Myrath Album Title: Shehili Label: earMUSIC Date of Release: 3 May 2019 I have been aware of Tunisian metal band Myrath for a number of years but this is the first time that I have penned a review of their music. Many within my rock/metal circles rave about Myrath, saying that they are one  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2018 – Number 25

Welcome to the sixth instalment of my annual labour of love, otherwise known as my end-of-year top 30 countdown. Every year I think that I should save myself a whole lot of work and effort by just writing one post that lists my top 30 records in one go. It’d certainly be less onerous and  Continue Reading »

Veonity – Legend Of The Starborn – Album Review

Artist: Veonity Album Title: Legend of the Starborn Label: Sliptrick Records Date of Release: 27 November 2018 Power metal is one of those subgenres within heavy metal that can encompass a lot of different styles. At one end, there’s the self-styled ‘cinematic Hollywood power metal’ of Luca Turilli and Rhapsody in all its various splintered  Continue Reading »

Fifth Angel – The Third Secret – Album Review

Artist: Fifth Angel Album Title: The Third Secret Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 26 October 2018 The last time Seattle-based heavy metal band Fifth Angel released an album, I didn’t know what heavy metal was. I was about eight or nine years old and obsessed with football and the original Transformers cartoon series. That  Continue Reading »

Warrel Dane – Shadow Work – Album Review

Artist: Warrel Dane Album Title: Shadow Work Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 26 October 2018 It is rare that I find myself so conflicted when faced with a music review. Normally, I’ll listen, decide if I like it and then either comment accordingly or ignore the record. This album is very different. Firstly,  Continue Reading »

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