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Ihsahn – Ihsahn – Album Review

Artist: Ihsahn Album Title: Ihsahn Label: Candlelight Records Date of Release: 16 February 2024 I have spent several hours of my life listening to this new self-titled album, or should I say ‘double album’, from Ihsahn. However, it’s possible that I’ve spent even more time thinking about it, the music that appears on it, and  Continue Reading »

Ihsahn – Pharos – EP Review

Artist: Ihsahn Album Title: Pharos EP Label: Candlelight Records Date of Release: 11 September 2020 ‘Pharos’ is the second of two EPs released during 2020 by the incredible talent that is Ihsahn. The EPs are apparently intertwined but, as the press release so rightly states, there are some sharp contrasts between the two offerings. Mind  Continue Reading »

Ihsahn – Telemark – EP Review

Artist: Ihsahn Album Title: Telemark Label: Candlelight Records Date of Release: 14 February 2020 What can I possibly say about Ihsahn that hasn’t already been said? The word ‘legend’ is used very widely and flippantly these days but Ihsahn must surely be approaching this status within the world of heavy metal. For starters, there’s his  Continue Reading »

Ihsahn – Àmr – Album Review

Artist: Ihsahn Album Title: Àmr Label: Candlelight Records Date Of Release: 4 May 2018 Let’s not muck around here. Everyone with even a vague knowledge of extreme metal will be fully aware of Ihsahn and his considerable impact as part of the legendary black metal band Emperor. Most will also know about his solo career  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 25 February 2018

Here we go again – no sooner have I posted a news round-up, I have enough material to bring you another. I just love it when the music world gets going at full speed again – around every corner there is a new album announced, new artwork, new snippets of studio happenings or something else  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2015 – Number 8

On New Years Eve, I present you with my choice at Number 8 in my annual ‘Album of the Year’ countdown. Unbelievably, this is post number 23 in this series, a series that has departed from previous years in that it has been extended to a top 30 rather than a top 20. One reason  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2013 – Number 13

Number 13…unlucky for some, they say. But, not for today’s artist who finds themselves nestled in my Album Of The Year 2013 list. Who is it? Well read on and all will be revealed. I hope you enjoy reading this post and make the most of it because I shall be taking a small break  Continue Reading »

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