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Wheel – Charismatic Leaders – Album Review

Artist: Wheel Album Title: Charismatic Leaders Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 3 May 2024 When I reviewed ‘Resident Human’, the 2021 sophomore release from Wheel, I struggled. I heard bits and pieces that I liked but, overall, it was something of a disappointment for me. I went into the album blind, with no  Continue Reading »

Whom Gods Destroy – Insanium – Album Review

Artist: Whom Gods Destroy Album Title: Insanium Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 15 March 2024 There are two key reasons why this review comes to fruition a few days after the release of the album itself. Firstly, there was a lot to get to grips with, and I wanted to be able to bring  Continue Reading »

Big Big Train – The Likes Of Us – Album Review

Artist: Big Big Train Album Title: The Likes Of Us Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 1 March 2024 Bands suffer line-up changes all the time. It’s a fact of life, and can be the result of many things, from artist differences to personal fallings out, and everything in between. Sometimes, however, it is  Continue Reading »

AVKRVST – The Approbation – Album Review

Artist: AVKRVST Album Title: The Approbation Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 16 June 2023 OK, I’m going to start this review by tackling the elephant in the room at the outset: the name of the band. It’s hard enough to get noticed and to gain traction in the music world at the best of  Continue Reading »

Ray Alder – II – Album Review

Artist: Ray Alder Album Title: II Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 9 June 2023 Back in 2019, Ray Alder, one of the most important voices in progressive music released his debut solo album, ‘What The Water Wants’ – that’s if you ignore the albums released around the turn of the Millennium under the  Continue Reading »

Haken – Fauna – Album Review

Artist: Haken Album Title: Fauna Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 3 March 2023 The reason I got into progressive music around a quarter of a century ago, was because I wanted to be challenged. Up until then, I had got into heavier and heavier music, and enjoyed the discoveries that I’d made. But when  Continue Reading »

Riverside – ID.Entity – Album Review

Artist: Riverside Album Title: ID.Entity Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 20 January 2022 I’m going to start this review by being brutally honest and state that I have struggled with this album. I have been a fan of Polish progressive rock band Riverside since they released the wonderfully rich, melancholy, and melodious ‘Out  Continue Reading »

Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant – Review

Artist: Caligula’s Horse Album Title: Rise Radiant Label: Inside Out Music Date of Release: 22 May 2020 Oh, ‘Rise Radiant’, you have not been an easy mistress. Long have been the journeys with you by my side, where I have questioned and dissected our relationship in the most forensic of detail. ‘Am I just with  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2018 – Number 3

Welcome to the pre-penultimate chapter of my Album of the Year 2018 top 30 countdown. Today, it is the turn of the bronze medal record, the third best of the year. I’d begin this post with a far wittier and more interesting introduction were it not for the fact that I’m drinking my third large  Continue Reading »

Haken – Vector – Album Review

Artist: Haken Album Title: Vector Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 26 October 2018 Just to prove that I am not a completely blinkered and biased Haken fanboy, I am going to start the review of their latest record with something other than immediate, unfiltered hyperbole and gushing praise. That may or may not come  Continue Reading »

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