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Airbag – A day At The Beach – Album Review

Artist: Airbag Album Title: A Day At The Beach Label: Karisma Records Date of Release: 19 June 2020 It is no secret that I have a soft spot for the music of Airbag. The Norwegian progressive rock band first came to my attention, via their second album, ‘All Rights Removed’, a record that I checked  Continue Reading »

Bjørn Riis – Forever Comes To An End – Album Review

Artist: Bjørn Riis Album Title: Forever Comes To An End Label: Karisma Records Date of Release: 19 May 2017 I’ve made no secret of my ardour towards the music of Airbag on this very blog. The Norwegian progressive rock band is a powerful entity with a knack of penning emotional and deeply engaging music, which  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2016 – Number 19

Welcome to day 12 of my ‘Album of the Year 2016’ top 30 countdown. I trust you are all enjoying this endeavour of mine? There’s going to be no long-winded introduction today, just a quick reminder to those who are interested that links to all other posts in this series can be found at the  Continue Reading »

Airbag – Disconnected – Album Review

Artist: Airbag Album Title: Disconnected Label: Karisma Records Date Of Release: 10 June 2016 I may be the Man Of Much Metal but occasionally, there’s nothing I like more than to dial down the extremity and indulge in something altogether more relaxed. The scratching post for this particular itch comes in the form of Norwegian  Continue Reading »

Rendezvous Point – Solar Storm – Album Review

Artist: Rendezvous Point Album Title: Solar Storm Label: Karisma Records Year Of Release: 2015 The album that I’ve reviewing today has been released for a little while, so I’m late to the party. However, I’m late to the party for good reason. I had heard great things from those I’m friendly with in progressive music  Continue Reading »

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