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Threads Of Fate – A Funeral For The Virtuous – EP Review

Artist: Threads Of Fate Album Title: A Funeral For The Virtuous EP Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 23 November 2018 Every now and then, along comes a band or a new release that will force me to rethink my views and preferences in a certain area. Today, the release is a four-track EP and  Continue Reading »

Seventh Wonder – Tiara – Album Review

Artist: Seventh Wonder Album Title: Tiara Label: Frontiers Records Date of Release: 12 October 2018 At, I make it a rule to not review albums that are only available for review by streaming. The reason is not because I’m throwing my toys out of the pram and wanting something for nothing. I hope by  Continue Reading »

Ultha – The Inextricable Wandering – Album Review

Artist: Ultha Album Title: The Inextricable Wandering Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 5 October 2018 When an album is comprised of only six songs but has a running time of over 65 minutes, you can be sure that the listening experience that awaits is not going to be for those with a short  Continue Reading »

Daydream XI – The Circus of the Tattered and Torn – Album Review

Artist: Daydream XI Album Title: The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn Label: Sensory Records Date Of Release: 22 September 2017 There’s an age-old saying that ‘first impressions last’ and furthermore, that once made, that first impression can last a lifetime. Fortunately for the young Brazilian prog metal band Daydream XI, there’s another saying which  Continue Reading »

CyHra – Letters To Myself – Album Review

Artist: CyHra Album Title: Letters To Myself Label: Spinefarm Records Date of Release: 20 October 2017 I have been desperate to review this album ever since I knew of its existence, several months ago, maybe even longer. Unfortunately, until recently, I only had access via an Internet stream, so my opportunity to listen to it  Continue Reading »

Devoid – Cup Of Tears – Album Review

Artist: Devoid Album Title: Cup Of Tears Label: Melodic Rock Records Date Of Release: 13 October 2017 It can be very easy to lose sight of one’s core principles when faced with an ever-increasing list of albums to review. However, every now and then, an album will come along out of nowhere to remind me  Continue Reading »

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn – Album Review

Artist: Ne Obliviscaris Album Title: Urn Label: Season Of Mist Date Of Release: 27 October 2017 Many column inches have been filled with commentary about Ne Obliviscaris over the past year or so after the Australians announced a ‘patron crowd funding campaign’ to essentially fund them to be full-time musicians. The initiative was designed to  Continue Reading »

Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony – Album Review

Artist: Sons Of Apollo Album title: Psychotic Symphony Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 20 October 2017 It’s a new day. Therefore, it is almost inevitable that we have a new project from renowned drummer Mike Portnoy. Of course, I’m being a little ridiculous and prone to exaggeration but given how prolific and obviously inspired  Continue Reading »

Enslaved – E – Album Review

Artist: Enslaved Album Title: E Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 13 October 2017 Someone very close to me was once fascinated by ancient Norse runes, so much so that he studied the alphabet and delved into the history and the myths with real passion. I often think that he was born in the wrong  Continue Reading »

Samael – Hegemony – Album Review

Artist: Samael Album Title: Hegemony Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 13 October 2017 Those that are familiar with my ramblings will already be aware of some of my odd music-related foibles. For example, my irrational dislike of brass in rock/metal, especially when it gets in the way of more conventional genre instruments, has been  Continue Reading »

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