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Words Of Farewell – Stories To Forget – EP Review

Artist: Words Of Farewell Album Title: Stories To Forget EP Label: Seek And Strike Date of Release: 29 March 2024 Masters of the EP, Words Of Farewell return with yet another truncated release for us all to wrap our ears around. Formed around 2006 and releasing three full-length albums to date, we’ve not been treated  Continue Reading »

The Moor – Ombra – Album Review

Artist: The Moor Album Title: Ombra Label: Inertial Music Date of Release: 15 March 2024 For those of you out there that continue with the narrative that album artwork doesn’t matter, it’s all about the music, I can tell you that were it not for the striking visuals for this album, I may never have  Continue Reading »

Volcandra – The Way Of Ancients – Album Review

Artist: Volcandra Album Title: The Way Of Ancients Label: Prosthetic Records Date of Release: 1 March 2024 When someone on social media suggests an album to listen to if you like melodic black and death metal, I’m going to dive right in. You all know me by now – give me some heaviness and then  Continue Reading »

Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame – EP Review

Artist: Before The Dawn Album Title: Archaic Flame EP Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 8 March 2024 I’ve been aware of Before The Dawn since their debut album was released back in 2003, some twenty-one years ago now. The album sits on my shelf along with others from the band but, if I’m being  Continue Reading »

Hand Of Kalliach – Corryvreckan – Album Review

Artist: Hand Of Kalliach Album Title: Corryvrekan Label: Prosthetic Records Date of Release: 23 February 2024 There’s something in the water right now in Scotland. The land to the North has never been the most prolific in terms of heavy metal exports, with only a small handful of names coming to mind when I try  Continue Reading »

Torchia – Arcane Magicae – Album Review

Artist: Torchia Album Title: Arcane Magicae Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 9 February 2024 I knew I recognised the name when I saw it. I reviewed Torchia’s previous album, ‘The Coven’ back in 2020 but, aside from a faint recognition of the band’s name, I could remember precious little else. It turns out that  Continue Reading »

Eternal Storm – A Giant Bound To Fall – Album Review

Artist: Eternal Storm Album Title: A Giant Bound To Fall Label: Transcending Obscurity Records Date of Release: 16 February 2024 During one of my casual, late evening trawls through the promos available to me, I hovered the cursor over the artwork for ‘A Giant Bound To Fail’, the sophomore album from Spanish melodic death metal  Continue Reading »

Dwarrowdelf – The Fallen Leaves – Album Review

Artist: Dwarrowdelf Album Title: The Fallen Leaves Label: Northern Silence Productions Date of Release: 2 February 2024 My increased presence on social media since the turn of the year has been hugely positive on the whole, not just for the fun interaction I am experiencing with old friends and new acquaintances alike, but because of  Continue Reading »

Hiraes – Dormant – Album Review

Artist: Hiraes Album Title: Dormant Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 26 January 2024 It never ceases to intrigue me how, as humans, we have such different subjective opinions about things. Our favourite foods, our favourite colour, and most importantly I might argue, our favourite music. And then, even when we have a favourite type  Continue Reading »

Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon – Album Review

Artist: Upon Stone Album Title: Dead Mother Moon Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 19 January 2024 I’m late to this particular party, for which I apologise. However, had it not been for a sudden influx of social media posts referencing this album, I’d probably still be none the wiser. Despite being released on  Continue Reading »

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