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Wake – Thought Form Descent – Album Review

Artist: Wake Album Title: Thought Form Descent Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 22 July 2022 Canadian band Wake have been around since 2009 but until now, they haven’t been high on my list of bands to check out, principally because they started life as a grindcore band. I like a bit of grind  Continue Reading »

Oceana – The Pattern – Album Review

Artist: Oceana Album Title: The Pattern Label: Time To Kill Records Date of Release: 29 January 2021 Twenty-seven years ago, I had just entered my teens and I was in the early stages of one of the most important, engrossing, and rewarding journeys of my life – the journey of discovery into the realms of  Continue Reading »

Barren Earth – A Complex of Cages – Album Review

Artist: Barren Earth Album Title: A Complex of Cages Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 30 March 2018 Barren Earth have come an awfully long way since their debut, ‘Curse of the Red River’, back in 2010. Then, theirs was an extreme death/doom metal blueprint tinged with progressive elements and a modicum of melody.  Continue Reading »

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