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All Things Fallen – Shadow Way – Album Review

Artist: All Things Fallen Album Title: Shadow Way Label: Blackoak Records Date of Release: 3 June 2022 When I received the email alerting me to this album, the content of the press release had me salivating like a starving lion in the Serengeti. Featuring a fantastic line-up comprised of multi-instrumentalist Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony), drummer  Continue Reading »

Thy Despair – The Song Of Desolation – Album Review

Artist: Thy Despair Album Title: The Song Of Desolation Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 8 May 2020 Credit where it is due, Italian record label Rockshots Records have delivered a couple of really great albums over the past few months, so I have been keeping an eye on their promo offerings with interest. A  Continue Reading »

My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion – Album Review

Artist: My Dying Bride Album Title: The Ghost Of Orion Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 6 March 2020 Let’s be honest, the very fact that My Dying Bride are still in existence in 2020 is something of a minor miracle. Lesser bands may have thrown in the towel when faced with the adversity that  Continue Reading »

Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering – Album Review

Artist: Sylosis Album Title: Cycle Of Suffering Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 7 February 2020 This is the second album due to be released by Nuclear Blast on the 7th February this year. It is also the second album to shock me. But, whilst the latest Sepultura release, ‘Quadra’ has surprised me due to  Continue Reading »

Sepultura – Quadra – Album Review

Artist: Sepultura Album Title: Quadra Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 7 February 2020 Hands up those of you who, like me, had pretty much given up on Sepultura? I can see a few hands in the air, so I’m glad I’m not alone. I still hold their earlier material including ‘Arise’, ‘Chaos AD’ and  Continue Reading »

God Dethroned – Illuminati – Album Review

Artist: God Dethroned Album Title: Illuminati Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release: 7 February 2020 Dutch blackened death metal stalwarts God Dethroned return in 2020 with their eleventh album in a career that has spanned nearly thirty years since their formation in 1991. They are one of those bands that feels like they have  Continue Reading »

SWMM – Trail Of The Fallen – Album Review

Artist: SWMM – Sometimes We Make Music Album Title: Trail Of The Fallen Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 22 January 2020 The winner of the award for ‘most rubbish band name of 2020’ so far has to go to SWMM, or Sometimes We Make Music to give them their full title. I mean, come  Continue Reading »

Bonded – Rest In Violence Album Review

Artist: Bonded Album Title: Rest In Violence Label: Century Media Records Date of Release: 17 January 2020 Even if, like me, you’re not the biggest fan of thrash metal, you will have heard the names Sodom and Kreator. Chances are, you may even have a disc or two of these bands nestled within your music  Continue Reading »

Strigoi – Abandon All Faith – Album Review

Artist: Strigoi Album Title: Abandon All Faith Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 22 November 2019 From the very first depraved and hauntingly ominous notes of ‘The Rising Horde’, there is no escaping the fact that ‘Abandon All Faith’ is a sinister and evil affair, even for the world of extreme metal. It is a  Continue Reading »

CyHra – No Halos In Hell – Album Review

Artist: CyHra Album Title: No Halos In Hell Label: Nuclear Blast Records Date of Release: 15 November 2019 It is inescapable and as inevitable as death and taxes…a band like CyHra will always receive flak from certain sections of the heavy metal community. ‘These guys aren’t metal’, ‘this is rubbish pop with guitars’, ‘sellouts’, ‘they’re  Continue Reading »

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