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Replicant – Infinite Mortality – Album Review

Artist: Replicant Album Title: Infinite Mortality Label: Transcending Obscurity Date of Release: 12 April 2024 2024 definitely feels like it’s the year that my tastes get even heavier and more extreme. I tend to think of myself as a progressive metal fan first and foremost, but so far, there have only been precious few releases  Continue Reading »

Witch Vomit – Funeral Sanctum – Album Review

Artist: Witch Vomit Album Title: Funeral Sanctum Label: 20 Buck Spin Date of Release: 5 April 2024 Being the weak human that I am, I finally succumbed to the increasing chorus of positivity surrounding this album and checked it out. What initially put me off was the name of the band which didn’t necessarily inspire  Continue Reading »

Protosequence – Bestiary – Album Review

Artist: Protosequence Album Title: Bestiary Label: Lacerated Enemy Records Date of Release: 5 April 2024 I’m not sure what’s going on in Canada at the moment, but alongside encouraging pedestrians to use fake bricks in Vancouver in an effort to get cars to stop at crossings, there seems to be one hell of a steady  Continue Reading »

Belore – Eastern Tales – Album Review

Artist: Belore Album Title: Eastern Tales Label: Northern Silence Productions Date of Release: 5 April 2024 I think it’s obvious by now, if it wasn’t already, that atmospheric black metal is a weakness of mine. When done well, it can provide some of the most glorious music within the metal sphere, full of melody and  Continue Reading »

Austere – Beneath The Threshold – Album Review

Artist: Austere Album Title: Beneath The Threshold Label: Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions Date of Release: 5 April 2024 It was almost exactly the same time last year that I received my first taste of the music of Austere, via their long-awaited third album, ‘Corrosion Of Hearts’. Seemingly making up for lost time then, the Australian duo  Continue Reading »

Einvigi – Monokroma – Album Review

Artist: Einvigi Album Title: Monokroma Label: Einheit Produktionen Date of Release: 1 March 2024 And there it is. That feeling you get when you discover a new band, and they make an immediate impact on you. Once again, I owe a debt of gratitude to social media as it was a recommendation from a follower  Continue Reading »

Hour Of Penance – Devotion – Album Review

Artist: Hour Of Penance Album Title: Devotion Label: Agonia Records Date of Release: 5 April 2024 Yeck, yuck, and thrice yuck. The AI debate will rage on and on for months, years, maybe decades. Who knows where the subject will end. But, in 2024, I am one of the music fans in the camp that  Continue Reading »

Vorga – Beyond The Palest Star – Album Review

Artist: Vorga Album Title: Beyond The Palest Star Label: Transcending Obscurity Date of Release: 29 March 2024 A couple of years ago, out of nowhere, I was left thoroughly impressed with an album called ‘Striving Towards Oblivion’. It happened to be the debut full-length from a German trio by the name of Vorga, and it  Continue Reading »

Words Of Farewell – Stories To Forget – EP Review

Artist: Words Of Farewell Album Title: Stories To Forget EP Label: Seek And Strike Date of Release: 29 March 2024 Masters of the EP, Words Of Farewell return with yet another truncated release for us all to wrap our ears around. Formed around 2006 and releasing three full-length albums to date, we’ve not been treated  Continue Reading »

Martin Gonzalez – Suspiro – Album Review

Artist: Martin Gonzalez Album Title: Suspiro Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 22 March 2024 My interest in anime of any kind is at about the same level as my interest in knitting, housework, and the history of the saxophone. I am not a fan, so the fact that I know nothing of the American  Continue Reading »

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