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Album Of The Year 2020 – Number 19

Welcome to day twelve of my 2020 ‘Album of the Year Top 30 countdown’. After a break yesterday to recharge the batteries and spend time with my family doing festive things, it’s back to business today with a refreshed verve. We’re into the top 20 now, with some fabulous albums already revealed. Got your bets  Continue Reading »

My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret – EP Review

Artist: My Dying Bride Album Title: Macabre Cabaret Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 20 November 2020 Not content with releasing an incredibly strong and emotionally-wrought full length album earlier in the year, Yorkshire’s gloom and doom merchants have returned this autumn with a three-track EP entitled ‘Macabre Cabaret’ that provides fans with another twenty-plus  Continue Reading »

My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion – Album Review

Artist: My Dying Bride Album Title: The Ghost Of Orion Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 6 March 2020 Let’s be honest, the very fact that My Dying Bride are still in existence in 2020 is something of a minor miracle. Lesser bands may have thrown in the towel when faced with the adversity that  Continue Reading »

Godthrymm – Reflections – Album Review

Artist: Godthrymm Album Title: Reflections Label: Profound Lore Date of Release: 14 February 2020 I’ve said on these very pages many times that I’m not the most enormous fan of doom metal. And yet, I have all of the Paradise Lost back catalogue including their early doom/death days. I utterly adore the likes of Daylight  Continue Reading »

Anticipated Album Releases in 2020 – Part 3

The first album in this list was confirmed the same morning that I published Part 2 of this series. It meant that I had to create a third part to this series, not that it was much of a chore given that I was able to easily put together another impressive list of likely records  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 21 September 2018

Who’s working hard for you, eh? Another day, another round-up of important news in the world or rock and heavy metal – the stuff that I think you’ll be interested in checking out for one reason or another. As always, there’s an eclectic mic of music to follow in today’s round-up, so I hope there  Continue Reading »

My most anticipated releases of 2017 – Part 6

Welcome to what I confidently predict will be the final part in this ever-expanding series where I look at those albums which will, should or might be released during 2017. I’ve already offered 25 releases that I’d be delighted to hear but the music keeps on coming to prove that heavy music is very much  Continue Reading »

Essential Metal Releases Still To Come in 2015 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my series of posts taking a look at some of my most anticipated album releases that are scheduled or rumoured to see the light of day before 2015 is over. Already a strong year, it seems incomprehensible that there are just so many great albums still to come. If you  Continue Reading »

Most Anticipated Album Releases of 2015 – Part 3

I had only intended to write a couple of quick posts about the best upcoming albums due out during 2015. The only problem is, there are too many potentially strong releases to fit into just two posts, so here’s a third. 2015 really does look like a monster. Read Part 1 & Part 2 here.  Continue Reading »

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