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Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame – EP Review

Artist: Before The Dawn Album Title: Archaic Flame EP Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 8 March 2024 I’ve been aware of Before The Dawn since their debut album was released back in 2003, some twenty-one years ago now. The album sits on my shelf along with others from the band but, if I’m being  Continue Reading »

Infected Rain – Time – Album Review

Artist: Infected Rain Album Title: Time Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 9 February 2024 After the glut of releases that confronted us at the end of January, early February has seen things go in almost the other direction. The plus side is that I have a little more time available to check out some  Continue Reading »

Hiraes – Dormant – Album Review

Artist: Hiraes Album Title: Dormant Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 26 January 2024 It never ceases to intrigue me how, as humans, we have such different subjective opinions about things. Our favourite foods, our favourite colour, and most importantly I might argue, our favourite music. And then, even when we have a favourite type  Continue Reading »

Persefone – Lingua Ignota: Part I – EP Review

Artist: Persefone Album Title: Lingua Ignota: Part I Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 2 February 2024 Receiving one score in the high 90s could be put down to a bit of luck, the stars aligning to produce a special record. But to achieve two of these scores on the bounce means that there’s something  Continue Reading »

Ryujin – Ryujin – Album Review

Artist: Ryujin Album Title: Ryujin Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 12 January 2024 Like all good New Year’s resolutions, I’ve broken another before we’re two weeks into 2024. I said to myself that I’d not review any album that is only available as a stream, because it’s so difficult to give it the time  Continue Reading »

Dieth – To Hell And Back – Album Review

Artist: Dieth Album Title: To Hell And Back Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 2 June 2023 When a band is comprised of bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), ex-Decapitated drummer Michał Łysejko, and vocalist/guitarist Guilherme Miranda previously of Entombed A.D. fame, I’d be a silly man to not at least check out their musical offering. The  Continue Reading »

Thulcandra – Hail The Abyss – Album Review

Artist: Thulcandra Album Title: Hail The Abyss Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 19 May 2023 It’s entirely possible that 2023 could become known as the year of blackened death metal. With a number of quality releases already at the disposal of the genre afficionados, we’re offered yet another tasty platter, in the form of  Continue Reading »

Angus McSix – Angus McSix And The Sword Of Power – Album Review

Artist: Angus McSix Album Title: Angus McSix And The Sword Of Power Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 21 April 2023 Are you having a bad day? Are you fed up? Are you considering giving up and going back to bed? If your reply to any of these is ‘yes’, or if you just need  Continue Reading »

Kamelot – The Awakening – Album Review

Artist: Kamelot Album Title: The Awakening Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 17 March 2023 My relationship with Kamelot has been a rocky one. My personal discovery of the band occurred around the release of ‘Karma’, thanks to the skills of the owner of the best record shop in East Anglia at the time. As  Continue Reading »

Delain – Dark Waters – Album Review

Artist: Delain Album Title: Dark Waters Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 10 February 2023 In 2021, Delain disbanded, leaving fans wondering whether or not we’d seen the end of the Dutch symphonic metal band. I wasn’t one of them though, as I’d never been particularly enamoured by them, and the fact that they might  Continue Reading »

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