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Temtris – Khaos Divine – Album Review

Artist: Temtris Album Title: Khaos Divine Label: Wormholedeath Records Date of Release: 17 March 2023 This review has been a long time coming, but I am finally bringing you my considered thoughts about the latest instalment from the Temtris camp, ‘Khaos Divine’. Those of you who are familiar with my website may remember that I  Continue Reading »

Ironflame – Where Madness Dwells – Album Review

Artist: Ironflame Album Title: Where Madness Dwells Label: High Roller Records Date of Release: 1 July 2022 If I’m honest, when I saw this release nestled within my promo pile, I didn’t have high expectations for it. I’d never heard of Ironflame before, and the questionable and dated cover artwork did nothing to whet my  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2021 – Number 23

Welcome to Day 8 of my ‘Album of the Year 2021 Top 30 Countdown’. We’re into the second week now, and things are getting more intense all the time…or is that just me? I really hope that you’re enjoying this year’s series, regardless of whether you are a long term follower, or have stumbled onto  Continue Reading »

Temtris – Ritual Warfare – Album Review

Artist: Temtris  Album Title: Ritual Warfare  Label: Wormholedeath  Date of Release: 30 April 2021  It will always remain a mystery as to why some bands make it big, whilst others struggle to get the attention they deserve. Right place, right time? Bias? Nepotism? Faces just don’t fit? It’s probably a mixture of all these factors to be honest, but it  Continue Reading »

Warrior Path – The Mad King – Album Review

Artist: Warrior Path Album Title: The Mad King Label: Symmetric Records Date of Release: 5 March 2021 I have been a fan of Daniel Heiman for many years, dating back to the very first time I heard his vocal skills with Lost Horizon on their two studio albums released at the beginning of the Millennium.  Continue Reading »

Selenseas – The Outer Limits – Album Review

Artist: Selenseas Album Title: The Outer Limits Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 7 August 2020 I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Russian bands that I like. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Mechanical Poet are the only Russians I have in my collection at all. So, as it  Continue Reading »

Battle Born – Battle Born – EP Review

Artist: Battle Born Album Title: Battle Born Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 26 June 2020 There are times when you just have to embrace the silliness. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy it when all the stops are pulled out in the pursuit of entertainment? And when it comes to classic power metal, silliness is  Continue Reading »

Asenblut – Die Wilde Jagd – Album Review

Artist: Asenblut Album Title: Die Wilde Jagd Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 17 April 2020 Lift your hunting horns, your axes, and your tankards to the sky, and praise the Gods of ancient mythology, for Asenblut are back with their latest Viking/melodic death metal album, entitled ‘Die Wilde Jagd’ (The Wild Hunt). I ended  Continue Reading »

Live Gig Review: Iron Maiden – The O2, London – 11 August 2018

Artist: Iron Maiden Venue: The O2 Date: 11 August 2018 “Matt – What are the odds you’d like to go see Iron Maiden together at the O2 on the 11th of August?” There are worse ways to wake up, I can tell you – especially when the message comes from none other than Nick Van  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2017 – Number 28

Somehow it’s already day three of my ‘Album of the Year 2017 top 30 countdown’. I swear that time speeds up the very moment I start to publish this series of posts; I know for sure that I am busier than at any other time of the year, as I bust a gut or two  Continue Reading »

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