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Pain Of Salvation – Panther – Album Review

Artist: Pain Of Salvation Album Title: Panther Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 28 August 2020 I have been in the company of ‘Panther’, the eleventh release from the Swedish progressive metal juggernaut, Pain Of Salvation, for some time now, but even now, after it has been released, I am still no closer to deciding  Continue Reading »

Live gig review: Pain of Salvation & Kingcrow – 13 September 2018

Artist: Pain Of Salvation & Kingcrow Venue: The Islington Assembly Rooms Date: 13 September 2018 I have banged on enough about Kingcrow during 2018 on my website, but rightly so in my opinion. I had sat on the new album for literally months, so I knew how good it was. Unfortunately, it took an age  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2017 – Number 3

Welcome to day 28 of my ‘Album of the Year 2017 top 30 countdown’. I’ve mentioned this before a few times but the difference between a very good album and a great one is the way that the music makes you feel. All of the money, technical prowess and musical know-how are rendered obsolete if  Continue Reading »

Half-way through 2017 – the best so far – Part 1

The Blog of Much Metal is nothing if not predictable. But, what it lacks in spontaneity, it makes up for with quality writing, brilliant wit, incisive articles and a bucket load of irony and modesty. As a result, I return with my usual mid-year round-up of the best music that has been released between January  Continue Reading »

Vangough – Warpaint – Album Review

Artist: Vangough Album Title: Warpaint Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 17 March 2017 The heavy metal underground. Is there a better place? I’m being serious here, because as I see it, some of the very best music being created can be found lurking in the underbelly of this fine genre. Sure there are the  Continue Reading »

My most anticipated releases of 2017 – Part 1

Welcome to another annual tradition on the Blog of Much Metal, a small series where I take a look at the albums that I am most looking forward to during the coming year. Some of these releases are already confirmed, some I have even heard (with reviews coming soon) and some are just my own  Continue Reading »

Oddland – Origin – Album Review

Artist: Oddland Album Title: Origin Label: Sensory Records Date Of Release: 9 September 2016 Don’t you just love it when you ‘discover’ a new band? I know I do. It is one of the most exciting things that I can think of, even after over two decades of listening to music. Today’s interesting discovery is  Continue Reading »

Essential rock & metal releases still to come in 2016 – Part 2

Welcome to the second instalment of my series looking ahead to some of the music that is still scheduled to come our way in the remainder of 2016. If you missed Part 1, it can be accessed via the following link: Essential rock & metal releases still to come in 2016 – Part 1 However,  Continue Reading »

Most Anticipated Metal Releases of 2016 – Part 4

Welcome to what I fully expect is the final part in my series looking at my most anticipated albums due out during 2016. You’d think that the quality would be drying up now having already picked 30 potentially great albums. But not a chance – as Part 4 demonstrates, there are still some top quality  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2015 – Number 18

My Album Of The Year 2015 countdown marches inexorably on and today, I bring you my choice for Number 18. I hope you agree with this choice, it’s a great album. Number 18 AudioPlastik ‘In The Head Of A Maniac’ Bad Elephant Music AudioPlastik is the moniker given to a musical collaboration which will have  Continue Reading »

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