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Einvigi – Monokroma – Album Review

Artist: Einvigi Album Title: Monokroma Label: Einheit Produktionen Date of Release: 1 March 2024 And there it is. That feeling you get when you discover a new band, and they make an immediate impact on you. Once again, I owe a debt of gratitude to social media as it was a recommendation from a follower  Continue Reading »

Mountain Caller – Chronicle II: Hypergenesis – Album Review

Artist: Mountain Caller Album Title: Chronicle II: Hypergenesis Label: Church Road Records Date of Release: 26 January 2024 Would you just look at that cover art? One glance at it and you just knew that I’d feel compelled to dive right in, didn’t you? And you’re correct of course, even though I knew the square  Continue Reading »

Vemod – The Deepening – Album Review

Artist: Vemod Album Title: The Deepening Label: Prophecy Productions Date of Release: 19 January 2024 It has taken a decade for this album to see the light of day but there’s an argument to suggest that time has little meaning in the town of Namsos, Norway. Inhabited by just over eight thousand, Namsos is an  Continue Reading »

The Ocean – Holocene – Album Review

Artist: The Ocean Album Title: Holocene Label: Pelagic Records Date of Release: 19th May 2023 I’m nothing if not stubborn. Despite never really clicking with Berlin’s The Ocean – or The Ocean Collective to give them their full name – I always show up when a new album is released, in the hope rather than  Continue Reading »

Oak Pantheon – The Absence – Album Review

  Artist: Oak Pantheon Album Title: The Absence Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 20 January 2023 What do you get when you seek to blend black metal with folk and post metal, alongside a fair few other ingredients? The answer is, you get Oak Pantheon and, more specifically, their third full-length album, ‘The Absence’.  Continue Reading »

Conjurer – Páthos – Album Review

Artist: Conjurer Album Title: Páthos Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 1 July 2022 I can’t quite believe that it has been over four years since I first wrapped my ears around ‘Mire’, the debut album from UK-based metal band Conjurer. Despite being described as a sludge/post-metal outfit with strong doom leanings, I had to  Continue Reading »

Cult Of Luna – The Long Road North – Album Review

Artist: Cult Of Luna Album Title: The Long Road North Label: Metal Blade Records Date of Release:  11 February 2022 I have always struggled with Cult Of Luna. I want to like them and have always wanted to like them. However, as good as their music has always been, I have never fully warmed to  Continue Reading »

Celeste – Assassine(s) – Album Review

Artist: Celeste Album Title: Assassine(s) Label: Nuclear Blast Records Date of Release:  28 January 2022 Today’s review has been written courtesy of my desire to broaden my horizons a little more, and to check out something new. Despite being in existence since 2005 and releasing five albums during that time, France’s Celeste has never before  Continue Reading »

SOM – The Shape Of Everything – Album Review

Artist: SOM Album Title: The Shape Of Everything Label: Pelagic Records Date of Release: 21 January 2022 Just like all music reviewers, I have my favourite labels and PR people; not to say that there are particularly any bad ones, it’s just that some will cater more to my tastes than others. As such, whenever  Continue Reading »

Toundra – Hex – Album Review

Artist: Toundra Album Title: Hex Label: InsideOut Music Date of Release: 14 January 2022 I’m officially abandoning my traditional stance that I’m not a fan of instrumental rock and metal. Over the past couple of years, I’ve found myself liking far too much instrumental music to maintain the pretence. It may not be my favourite  Continue Reading »

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