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Serious Black – Vengeance Is Mine – Album Review

Artist: Serious Black Album Title: Vengeance Is Mine Label: AFM Records Date of Release:  25 February 2022 This is now the third release from Serious Black that I have reviewed within the pages of and it is safe to say that the results have been rather varied. 2017’s ‘Magic’ scored highly, as it delivered  Continue Reading »

HammerFall – Hammer Of Dawn – Album Review

Artist: HammerFall Album Title: Hammer Of Dawn Label: Napalm Records Date of Release:  25 February 2022 I’m not entirely sure why I’m reviewing this record because it feels a little like a redundant exercise. Existing fans won’t care what I and others have to say for they will no doubt have the album on pre-order  Continue Reading »

Veonity – Elements Of Power – Album Review

Artist: Veonity Album Title: Elements Of Power Label: Scarlet Records Date of Release:  18 February 2022 Veonity’s 2018 release, ‘Legend Of The Starborn’ was a bit of a power metal corker scoring highly on this very website. 2020’s follow-up, ‘Sorrows’ wasn’t bad either, but it’s fair to say that they did throw a bit of  Continue Reading »

Ashes Of Ares – Emperors And Fools – Album Review

Artist: Ashes Of Ares Album Title: Emperors And Fools Label: Rock Of Angels Records Date of Release:  21 January 2022 Sometimes, just sometimes, you forget just how good an artist is. In a world where I am bombarded with new music on what seems like an hourly basis, it can take a little well-timed nudge  Continue Reading »

Beriedir – AQVA – Album Review

Artist: Beriedir Album Title: AQVA Label: Rockshots Records Date of Release: 21 January 2022 It was the rather striking cover artwork that drew me in to this album, but it was the music that made me stay and ultimately pen this review. I’ll always be someone who takes notice of the imagery and if it  Continue Reading »

Battle Beast – Circus Of Doom – Album Review

Artist: Battle Beast Album Title: Circus Of Doom Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release: 21 January 2021 Back in 2017, I reviewed ‘Bringer Of Pain’, the fourth studio album of Battle Beast’s career. I didn’t however, review the 2019 follow-up ‘No More Hollywood Endings’. Put simply, I wasn’t a big fan of ‘Bringer Of Pain’  Continue Reading »

Ilium – Quantum Evolution Event – EP Review

Artist: Ilium Album Title: Quantum Evolution Event EP Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 14 January 2021 At the beginning of 2020, I reviewed the eighth album from Australian melodic power metal band Ilium and was really rather taken with it. It made me question the fairness of the music industry too, because to me,  Continue Reading »

Power Paladin – With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel – Album Review

Artist: Power Paladin Album Title: With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel Label: Atomic Fire Records Date of Release: 7 January 2022 When I think of Iceland, I think of the barren landscape that dominates the island. From glaciers to active volcanos, and from the barren grasslands upon which weather-beaten ponies roam to the hot springs  Continue Reading »

The Best Songs of 2021

As in years before, I wanted to round off 2021 with a quick look at some of the best individual songs that I heard during 2021. As with my recent Top 30 series, this is a list of my personal favourite songs. They might not be the most technical, clever, or complicated songs of the  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2021 – Number 23

Welcome to Day 8 of my ‘Album of the Year 2021 Top 30 Countdown’. We’re into the second week now, and things are getting more intense all the time…or is that just me? I really hope that you’re enjoying this year’s series, regardless of whether you are a long term follower, or have stumbled onto  Continue Reading »

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