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Distorted Harmony – Interview – “I hope that people will care more about the music than where we’re from”

I was so blown away by ‘Chain Reaction’, the sophomore release by Israel’s Distorted Harmony that I felt compelled to undertake an interview with the band to supplement the album review that was recently featured in Powerplay Magazine. The conversation that I undertook with keyboardist and founding member, Yoav Efron was a real pleasure and,  Continue Reading »

If Only Everyone In the Music Industry Did It Right

The work that I do for Powerplay Magazine and to a slightly lesser extent ThisIsNotAScene and Ghost Cult, I do for the love of the music. I don’t get paid for it. Whilst I’d love to be remunerated for it, the biggest payment I get is non-financial. It’s the buzz of seeing my name in  Continue Reading »

Writing About Metal Is Great…But It’s Not Always Easy

As previous blog posts have demonstrated, I absolutely love being a part of the metal scene by writing for Powerplay Magazine, Ghost Cult webzine and ThisIsNotAScene website. It gives me the opportunity to offer my thoughts on a plethora of good, bad and indifferent music within this varied and exciting scene of ours. As a  Continue Reading »

My Biggest Musical Inspiration

In previous blogs, I have taken a look at the way in which my musical education took shape, from day one to the present. Within these posts, I have made mention of a number of decisions that have shaped the way in which I’ve discovered the music that I have. I have also, to a  Continue Reading »

The Heavy Metal ‘Family’

The biggest reason for loving heavy metal is the music itself. No other genre of music gives me the same pleasure and satisfaction that metal does, in almost all of its myriad forms. I also love the fact that since its birth in the 70s thanks to Black Sabbath and Co., it has refused to  Continue Reading »

The Life & Times of A Metal Magazine Writer

Yesterday, I blogged about how I came to be involved in the metal music scene as a writer. Today, I would like to take a bit of time to flesh things out and give you all a little insight into the world of a magazine writer. And, no, it’s not all parties and freebies, I  Continue Reading »

Scribbling or Journalism? The Discovery of a New Hobby

As you may be able to tell from my previous blogs, music is just about the most important thing in my life. Of course, my family will always come first but unless my football team is doing exceptionally well (that never happens!), music takes up every spare minute of my time. I suppose therefore that  Continue Reading »

The Man Of Much Metal – the post-Uni days

The search for even more new music continued as I left University and put my foot on the first rung of the career ladder. Saddled with the ubiquitous student debt but with more money in my back pocket, I was able to buy more music than ever before. The Internet was also a great help  Continue Reading »

The Man Of Much Metal blogs…

Hi, After a lot of nagging from various quarters, I have decided to give this blogging lark a go. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but you’ll have to forgive me as my spare time is at a premium these days. Not only do I have a baby on the way (it  Continue Reading »

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