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Einvigi – Monokroma – Album Review

Artist: Einvigi Album Title: Monokroma Label: Einheit Produktionen Date of Release: 1 March 2024 And there it is. That feeling you get when you discover a new band, and they make an immediate impact on you. Once again, I owe a debt of gratitude to social media as it was a recommendation from a follower  Continue Reading »

SOM – The Shape Of Everything – Album Review

Artist: SOM Album Title: The Shape Of Everything Label: Pelagic Records Date of Release: 21 January 2022 Just like all music reviewers, I have my favourite labels and PR people; not to say that there are particularly any bad ones, it’s just that some will cater more to my tastes than others. As such, whenever  Continue Reading »

MØL – Diorama – Album Review

Artist: MØL Album Title: Diorama Label: Nuclear Blast Date of Release:  5 November 2021 The very thought of black metal being uplifting and positive is pretty much heresy, certainly if you listen to those that consider themselves to be ‘trve’ black metal fans. And yet, here I am, listening to ‘Diorama’, the second album from  Continue Reading »

BlogOfMuchMetal – Metal News – 23 March 2017

As you can see from the title of this post, I’ve gone through a bit of a re-branding with these regular news reports. They will still focus on news about albums in the pipeline, so keep expecting updates on new releases, big album announcements, new tracks, studio reports etc. However, I wanted something a bit  Continue Reading »

Telepathy – Tempest – Album Review

Artist: Telepathy Album Title: Tempest Label: Golden Antenna Date of Release: 31 March 2017 I can’t remember exactly what it was that prompted me to check out the band Telepathy, but I can certainly remember the feelings I experienced as I listened to ‘Tempest’ for the first time. Excitement, tingles and an intense satisfaction all  Continue Reading »

Fen – Winter – Album Review

Artist: Fen Album Title: Winter Label: Code666 Date Of Release: 10 March 2017 If ever there was an album title that fitted the music of the band perfectly, it is this. ‘Winter’ is the name of the latest album from UK progressively-laced black metal band Fen and, as someone very wise pointed out to me  Continue Reading »

The best individual songs of 2016

What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. Having spent the last month counting down my favourite 30 albums of 2016, I thought that it would be a great idea to shine the spotlight on the best individual songs of 2016. If you’re interested in checking out my top 30 albums of 2016, here’s  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2016 – Number 8

Welcome to day 23 in my ‘Album of the Year 2016’ top 30 countdown. It seems like only yesterday that I began this series and already we’re at number 8. Cor blimey! I know I’ve said it before but because of the quality of the music this year, this has been the toughest top 10  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2016 – Number 29

Welcome to day two of my ‘Album of the Year 2016’ top 30 countdown. If you missed the first post in this series, check it out here: Album of the Year 2016 – Number 30 As I stated at the beginning of the last post, 2016 has been an incredibly strong year for my personal  Continue Reading »

Alcest – Kodama – Album Review

Artist: Alcest Album Title: Kodama Label: Prophecy Productions Date Of Release: 30 September 2016 Allow me to begin this review in a forthright and clear manner by stating that ‘Kodama’, the fifth release from French duo Alcest, is utterly, jaw-droppingly beautiful. I am thoroughly addicted and transfixed by it, almost to the point of being  Continue Reading »

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