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Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb – Album Review

Artist: Sleep Token Album Title: This Place Will Become Your Tomb Label: Spinefarm Date of Release: 24 September 2021 It’s one thing to be able to shroud your identity in mystery behind masks or by deliberately shunning the media, but it’s quite another to be able to hide the true identity of your music as  Continue Reading »

Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn – Album Review

Artist: Winterfylleth Album Title: The Reckoning Dawn Label: Candlelight/Spinefarm Date of Release: 8 May 2020 I’m not overly familiar with Winterfylleth but as I listen to ‘The Reckoning Dawn’, I’m beginning to seriously wonder why. It might be because last time I checked out this UK-based black metal band, it was their ‘experimental’ album and  Continue Reading »

Sigh – Heir To Despair – Album Review

Artist: Sigh Album Title: Heir To Despair Label: Spinefarm/Candlelight Date of Release: 16 November 2018 Sigh are just one of those bands, where you can honestly say that you never quite know what each new release will bring. They are a band that truly deserves the term ‘progressive’, even ‘avant-garde’ because they can flit effortlessly  Continue Reading »

Amaranthe – Helix – Album Review

Artist: Amaranthe Album Title: Helix Label: Spinefarm Records Date of Release: 19 October 2018 Let’s get one thing straight right from the off: if you’ve never been a fan of Amaranthe, ‘Helix’ will not change your mind. Not even close. In fact, it is likely to push you further away from the band. However, if  Continue Reading »

CyHra – Letters To Myself – Album Review

Artist: CyHra Album Title: Letters To Myself Label: Spinefarm Records Date of Release: 20 October 2017 I have been desperate to review this album ever since I knew of its existence, several months ago, maybe even longer. Unfortunately, until recently, I only had access via an Internet stream, so my opportunity to listen to it  Continue Reading »

Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch – Album Review

Artist: Ancient Ascendant Album Title: Raise The Torch Label: Spinefarm Records / Candlelight Records Date Of Release: 21 April 2017 When the legendary Dan Swanö is quoted as saying that Ancient Ascendant are ‘one of the best brutal bands to come out of Britain, well, ever’, I don’t really have any choice but to investigate  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2016 – Number 30

Hello and welcome to my annual musical extravaganza that’s my countdown of the year’s best album releases from across the rock and metal spectrum. As usual, you’ll find just about everything in this list, from black to death metal, from prog rock to extreme prog metal and plenty in between. I am a fan of  Continue Reading »

Amaranthe – Maximalism – Album Review

Artist: Amaranthe Album Title: Maximalism Label: Spinefarm Records Date of Release: 21 October 2016 When I first heard the self-titled debut album from Amaranthe in 2011, I was quite rude about it. I considered it to be heavy metal fluff, the kind of music that goes in one ear, gives a momentary shot of aural  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2014 – Number 10

Here we are at the top 10 in my Album of the Year 2014 countdown. In many ways, the choices from 20-11 are a little arbitrarily placed and the positioning is less important. They deserved a place in the top 20 and so they featured. With the top 10, I have been more careful with  Continue Reading »

My Top 20 of 2012 – Number 4

We’ve reached number 4 in my Top 20 rock/metal albums of 2012 countdown. If you have missed any of my previous posts, links to these can be found at the bottom of this post – please have a read and feel free to tell me if you agree or disagree with my choices! So, down  Continue Reading »

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