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Evergrey – The Atlantic – Album Review

Artist: Evergrey Album Title: The Atlantic Label: AFM Records Date of Release: 25 January 2019 Many of you will be aware that since the beginning of 2019, I haven’t written a single review up to this point. I apologise for that. However, there are a few reasons. Firstly, my head has not really been in  Continue Reading »

Evergrey – Interview 2019 – ‘I feel like we could do this forever’

Ever since I discovered Evergrey around the turn of the Millennium, I have seen them live on stage countless times. They have released seven or eight new records of original material and I have interviewed Tom on perhaps five or six occasions. But Evergrey, as we all know, are my number one band, and it  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 19 September 2018

Hello and welcome to yet another of my heavy metal round-ups, bringing you news that I hope you’ll find interesting. I may not be the first news source, but I hope that I am at least unique in that I try not to just cut and paste what’s already out there. I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading »

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