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Album of the Year 2018 – Number 19

Welcome to the 12th instalment of my Album of the Year 2018 top 30 countdown. Far from losing momentum, my excitement about revealing my favourite records released this year is simply increasing. The closer I get to the top ten, top five and my number one choice, the more eager I am to write these  Continue Reading »

Seventh Wonder – Tiara – Album Review

Artist: Seventh Wonder Album Title: Tiara Label: Frontiers Records Date of Release: 12 October 2018 At, I make it a rule to not review albums that are only available for review by streaming. The reason is not because I’m throwing my toys out of the pram and wanting something for nothing. I hope by  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 19 September 2018

Hello and welcome to yet another of my heavy metal round-ups, bringing you news that I hope you’ll find interesting. I may not be the first news source, but I hope that I am at least unique in that I try not to just cut and paste what’s already out there. I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading »

Still to come in 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to day 2 of my look ahead at what’s to come in the second half of 2018. After featuring four potentially killer releases within part 1, I’m back with another hugely exciting batch of albums that, all being well, should see the light of day before the year is out. If you missed the  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 2 March 2018

Another day, another update for you on all the latest happenings in the world of metal, with a strong focus on information relating to new album and EP releases. No big, long intro today, let’s just get down to it shall we? Kingcrow – The Persistence Release date: TBC Did you really think I’d have  Continue Reading »

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