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Darkwater – Human – Album Review

Artist: Darkwater Album Title: Human Label: Ulterium Records Date of Release: 1 March 2019 The wait has, at times, felt interminable and I did begin to wonder if Darkwater would ever return to grace our ears with a new record to follow-up the majestic ‘Where Stories End’. However, the better part of nine years later,  Continue Reading »

Theocracy – Ghost Ship – Album Review

Artist: Theocracy Album Title: Ghost Ship Label: Ulterium Records Date Of Release: 28 October 2016 I can only think of one reason why I have never previously dabbled in the world of Theocracy: religion. As many of you may know, my personal life has meant that religion and I are uncomfortable bedfellows, to put it  Continue Reading »

Essential rock & metal releases still to come in 2016 – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of my series looking at those bands & albums that I either know or hope will be released during the second half of 2016. If you missed the first two instalments, here they are for your delectation: Essential rock & metal releases still to come in 2016 –  Continue Reading »

InnerWish – InnerWish – Album Review

Artist: InnerWish Album Title: InnerWish Label: Ulterium Records Date Of Release: 18 March 2016 I’m going to begin this review by stating that I know nothing of InnerWish. Or at least, I didn’t until I decided to give this album a try having been sent the promo. I mean, it would be rude not to  Continue Reading »

Waken Eyes – Exodus – Album Review

Artist: Waken Eyes Album Title: Exodus Label: Ulterium Records Year Of Release: 2015 I don’t like the description ‘super group’; it conjures up too many negative connotations including the falsehood that the group of musicians themselves subscribe to the notion of being super or better than other bands. Occasionally, this might be the case but  Continue Reading »

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