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Millennial Reign – The Great Divide – Album Review

Artist: Millennial Reign Album Title: The Great Divide Label: Ulterium Records Date of Release: 25 May 2018 Over recent years, Ulterium Records have had a knack of releasing some rather decent albums. Be it the latest Theocracy or Waken Eyes records, the label has managed to employ a high level of quality control of late,  Continue Reading »

Iris Divine – The Static And The Noise – Album Review

Artist: Iris Divine Album Title: The Static And The Noise Label: Independent Release Release date: 6 October 2017 A three-piece progressive rock/metal band from North America? Nah, that’ll never work. If I remember rightly, some band called Rush tried it many years ago and as far as I can recall, it didn’t go too well  Continue Reading »

Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord – Album Review

Artist: Jag Panzer Album Title: The Deviant Chord Label: Steamhammer / SPV Date Of Release: 29 September 2017 Jag Panzer and I have had a turbulent relationship. Many regard them as a heavy metal institution, pointing towards the likes of their debut, ‘Ample Destruction’, as examples of the very best that US power metal has  Continue Reading »

Protean Collective – Collapse – Album Review

Artist: Protean Collective Album Title: Collapse Label: Independent Release Date Of Release: 28 July 2017 After a very lean period trawling the heavy metal underground for a new gem to bring you, I have hit the jackpot once again. The band in question today is Boston-based progressive rock/metal band Protean Collective with their latest recorded  Continue Reading »

BlogOfMuchMetal – Metal News – 24 July 2017

Well, while I’m on a roll, I may as well continue. And while so many bands are also on a roll of late it seems, I owe it to them to keep the news flowing. If you’ve missed any of my other posts in this series, links to all of them can be found at  Continue Reading »

MindMaze – Resolve – Album Review

Artist: MindMaze Album Title: Resolve Label: Inner Wound Recordings Date of Release: 28 April 2017 The progressive power metal subgenre is large and highly saturated these days, which may go some way to explain why MindMaze have flown under my radar to date. Weeding out the wheat from the chaff in such a burgeoning scene  Continue Reading »

Pallbearer – Heartless – Album Review

Artist: Pallbearer Album Title: Heartless Label: Profound Lore Records (North America) / Nuclear Blast Records (Rest of the World) Date Of Release: 24 March 2017 My introduction to Pallbearer came via their sophomore release, ‘Foundations of Burden’, released in 2014 whilst I was still writing for Powerplay magazine. And it was an enlightening introduction for  Continue Reading »

Vangough – Warpaint – Album Review

Artist: Vangough Album Title: Warpaint Label: Independent Release Date of Release: 17 March 2017 The heavy metal underground. Is there a better place? I’m being serious here, because as I see it, some of the very best music being created can be found lurking in the underbelly of this fine genre. Sure there are the  Continue Reading »

Obituary – Obituary – Album Review

Artist: Obituary Album Title: Obituary Label: Relapse Records Release date: 17 March 2017 My love affair with Obituary dates back to the mid-nineties and their ‘World Demise’ album. It was a discovery, on cassette, at a time when I was getting more and more into extreme forms of music. I’d started out with the likes  Continue Reading »

Havok – Conformicide – Album Review

Artist: Havok Album Title: Conformicide Label: Century Media Records Date Of Release: 10 March 2017 For someone who is continually going on record to say that he doesn’t, as a rule, prefer thrash metal, I seem to have been enjoying quite a lot of albums in this genre recently. First there was the new Testament  Continue Reading »

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