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Thy Shining Curse – Theurgia – Album Review

Artist: Thy Shining Curse Album Title: Theurgia Label: ViciSolum Productions Date of Release: 16 February 2024 I seem to have reviewed a number of albums this year that are essentially one-man projects. Normally, these affairs turn up most frequently within the realm of black metal but in the case of Thy Shining Curse, the music  Continue Reading »

Ring Of Gyges – Metamorphosis – Album Review

Artist: Ring Of Gyges Album Title: Metamorphosis Label: ViciSolum Productions Date of Release: 19 May 2023 Today is one of those magical days. It is a day when I am bursting with excitement about a brand-new musical discovery. I wanted to wait longer before penning a review, but I equally wanted to capture the sense  Continue Reading »

Manticora – To Live To Kill To Live – Album Review

Artist: Manticora Album Title: To Live To Kill To Live Label: ViciSolum Recordings Date of Release: 28 August 2020 ‘To Live To Kill To Live’ is the anticipated follow-up to ‘To Kill To Live To Kill’ which sees the light of day almost exactly two years after its partner album was released. The eagle-eyed amongst  Continue Reading »

Mother Of Millions – Artifacts – Album Review

Artist: Mother Of Millions Album Title: Artifacts Label: ViciSolum Productions Date of Release: 22 March 2019 This review comes several months after its official release but it’s because until about two weeks ago, I’d never heard of Mother Of Millions. Indeed, it was the recent announcement by ProgPower Europe that the Greek band had been  Continue Reading »

Subterranean Masquerade – Vagabond – Album Review

Artist: Subterranean Masquerade Album Title: Vagabond Label: ViciSolum Productions Date Of Release: 1 September 2017 When I reviewed the previous Subterranean Masquerade album, ‘The Great Bazaar’, I came to the following conclusion in the final line: “‘The Great Bazaar’ is a very strong album. It’s varied, it’s intriguing, it’s powerful and above all, it’s wonderfully  Continue Reading »

BlogOfMuchMetal – metal news – 22 July 2017

Hello and welcome to the latest post in this series after a bit of a hiatus, where I bring you the latest confirmed news within the world of rock and heavy metal. This series does not require the use of a crystal ball, which can sometimes malfunction with embarrassing results. No, this is a series that  Continue Reading »

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