It is Day 3 already in my ‘Album of the Year 2013′ countdown. I’ve probably already pleased some people and annoyed others. But that’s the fun of it – encouraging debate and discovering others’ opinions.

If you missed the last two posts, Day 1 can be read here, and Day 2 can be read here.

But for today, the main topic is: Who’s at number 18? Here’s your answer:

Number 18:

MS - InterpreterMY SOLILOQUY
“The Interpreter”
Sensory Records

This album came as a bit of a surprise for me initially. I heard very little in terms of build-up to it and wasn’t really prepared for it to be honest. However, these are the surprises that make music-listening so exciting, keeping us on our toes at all times.

I shouldn’t really have been surprised by the quality of this record in all honesty as it is the brainchild of none other than Pete Morten, guitarist with UK progressive metal favourites Threshold. In fact, Morten is more than just the brainchild of My Soliloquy, having written, arranged and performed all of the material with the exception of the drums and percussion. Quite a feat and one that has paid dividends.

MS - band

If you like your progressive metal to be a combination of both catchy and complex then ‘The Interpreter’ could be right up your street. The guitars and keyboards together share the limelight, with plenty of great riffs accented by atmospheric and occasionally quirky synths.


One of the best assets of this album is the vocal performance. I never knew Morten could sing, let alone with this much skill and passion. His range is impressive but, for the most part, it sits at the higher end. On more than one occasion, I am reminded of ex-Fates Warning vocalist John Arch – a compliment in my book for sure.

The finished product is a rather lush affair, but still manages to sound completely different to the likes of Threshold – this is very much Morten’s personal vision and it comes across as if he has certainly poured his heart and soul into the full hour of progressive music on this disc. The bottom line is that this is one very impressive debut album, albeit from a seasoned pro. Cracking stuff.


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