Now it gets serious, as we’re into the final five albums of my Top 20 rock/metal albums of 2012 countdown. Links to my picks from 20 down to 6 can be found at the very bottom of this post.

So, who is at number 5?….

‘March Of Progress’
Nuclear Blast Records

I have been a fan of Threshold for a number of years and, like many, I awaited this release eagerly. However, I also awaited it with a certain amount of nervousness. The reason for this was due, in large part, to the departure (and subsequent tragic passing) of vocalist Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott. Almost without warning soon after the release of ‘Dead Reckoning’, arguably their most strongest release, Mac left Threshold. It left the band in a state of shock. They turned to their previous vocalist Damian Wilson, to help them out with some live commitments and then took a break from writing.

Nevertheless, after a five-year hiaus, Threshold returned in 2012 with ‘March Of Progress’. As a fan who discovered Threshold with Mac at the helm, I was concerned as to whether this new album could live up to the last few that I had loved and taken to my heart. After a few spins, I realised I needn’t have worried.


First of all, Damian Wilson has put in one hell of a performance behind the mic. He sounds passionate and employs his impressive range wonderfully, thereby fitting seemlessly back into the band. But aside from the vocals, ‘March Of Progress’ is simply a fantastically well-written progressive metal record full of all those ingredients that you have come to expect from this remarkable UK progressive metal band.

Each song is an anthem in its own right featuring big hooks and melodies as well as memorable choruses. That said, this is arguably the most progressive that Threshold have sounded in the last few years. Therefore, as you’d expect from a prog band, these compositions also offer fantastic musicianship, technicality and sections that will challlenge listeners sufficiently to keep things fresh and interesting over repeated spins. As a result, it quickly became clear that there was no way that ‘March Of Progress’ was ever going to end up outside my end of year Top 5.



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