Day 14 in my Top 20 rock/metal albums of 2012 countdown. Links to the previous 13 days can be found at the bottom of this post.

BAN1Blut Aus Nord
‘777 – Cosmosophy’
Debemur Morti Records

At number 7, is the latest album from Blut Aus Nord. ‘777 – Cosmosophy’ is the final chapter in an ambitious, quick-fire trilogy of albums that have been released over the past year. Some said it couldn’t be done, others worried that the quality of the music would be compromised due to the speedy turnaround. Both camps have been proved wrong because the previous two chapters in this trilogy have been well-received and this final part is, well, stunning.

French trio Blut Aus Nord are pigeon-holed into the genre of black metal but with this release, that categorisation is stretched to breaking point. There is certainly a dark, evil and disturbing edge to the music on this album which lends itself to the genre of black metal but that’s about it. Very little else can be described as black metal in any shape or form. You could refer to the material as ‘post black metal’ I suppose but then we’re just getting bogged down into unneccesary and futile issues.


Instead, what you need to know is that ‘777 – Cosmosophy’ offers a truly fascinating listening experience. What you get is a really minimalist affair incorporating elements of electronica, ambient and shoegaze to compliment the metal core and which all come together to create music that is harsh as well as occasionally disconcerting and uncomfortable. And yet in spite of all that, the finished article also manages to be beautiful, hypnotic and mesmerising. Brilliant stuff.



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