Day 12 in my Top 20 metal albums of 2012 countdown. I hope you have enjoyed the previous 11 days. If you have missed any of them, links can be found at the bottom of this post.

I Am I 1I Am I
‘Event Horizon’
Zee Pee Tee Records

After leaving the massively successful Dragonforce, vocalist ZP Theart will have had a number of options open to him. One of them will have been to give up, another will have been to try and join another band and continue with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Fortunately for us, he chose the latter and added the finishing touch to the fledgling power metal band I Am I.

‘Event Horizon’ is the band’s début album and, to my ears at least, has done something quite impressive. Released hard on the heels of Dragonforce’s latest (and very strong) offering ‘The Power Within’, ‘Event Horizon’ has bettered it. This is a big claim to make but, based on the amount of times I have found this record glued to my stereo or my phone, it has to be true for me.

I Am I 2

It was inevitable given the clientèle involved that the two bands would be directly compared, but honestly, there are some differences between the two. In the case of I Am I, the foundation is not on break-neck speed or insanely dexterous fretwork. There is a great deal of technicality and soloing of course, but this is kept in check with the emphasis instead on creating an album chock full of melodic power metal anthems with massive sing-along choruses, giant hooks and fist-pumping riffs. If it is unashamed fun that you want, look no further than ‘Event Horizon’.

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