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Inglorious – Inglorious – Album Review

Artist: Inglorious Album Title: Inglorious Label: Frontiers Records Date Of Release: 19 February 2016 I wasn’t sure whether or not to offer a review of this album, the debut self-titled record from UK rockers Inglorious. In each press release and almost every review I’ve seen so far, I’ve read the names Whitesnake, Deep Purple or  Continue Reading »

Kingcrow – Interview – ‘The new album will be a sonic adventure’

Those familiar with the Blog Of Much Metal will know that I enjoy championing those bands that don’t tend to get the exposure that they deserve for one reason or another. That’s why today I bring you a full, in-depth interview with another band worthy of more attention: Kingcrow. Originally hailing from Rome, Italy, Kingcrow  Continue Reading »

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