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Serenity – The Last Knight – Album Review

Artist: Serenity Album Title: The Last Knight Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 31 January 2020 In the recent past, most notably within my review of 2017’s ‘Lionheart’, I have boldly proclaimed that Serenity were one of my very favourite bands within the melodic metal sphere. Both ‘Lionheart’ and its direct predecessor, ‘Codex Atlanticus’ took  Continue Reading »

Anticipated Album Releases in 2020

Welcome to 2020. I thought I’d start it off in familiar fashion by giving you a hint at what’s to come during the year, although I have tried to be a little more streamlined and not waffle on for ages about each release. There are likely to be further posts in this series, so watch  Continue Reading »

Album of the Year 2017 – Number 11

Welcome to day 20 of my ‘Album of the Year 2017 top 30 countdown’. As I near the top 10 of this year’s mammoth undertaking, I have found it harder than ever to settle on the albums that are deserving of a place in my final ten. I know that I sound like a broken  Continue Reading »

Serenity – Lionheart – Album Review

Artist: Serenity Album Title: Lionheart Label: Napalm Records Date Of Release: 27 October 2017 A short 21 months since the release of ‘Codex Atlanticus’, Austria’s Serenity return with their sixth album of symphonic melodic power metal, ‘Lionheart’. In my review of ‘Codex…’, I referred to Serenity as ‘one of my very favourites within the melodic  Continue Reading »

Serenity – Codex Atlanticus – Album Review

Artist: Serenity Album Title: Codex Atlanticus Label: Napalm Records Year Of Release: 2016 Over the course of their career, Austria’s Serenity have made themselves ever-more indispensable in my world, slowly gathering momentum with each release. And then, with the release of ‘War Of Ages’ in 2013, I became entirely comfortable and had no qualms in  Continue Reading »

Phantasma – The Deviant Hearts – Album Review

Artist: Phantasma Album Title: The Deviant Hearts Label: Napalm Records Year Of Release: 2015 When you consider the clientele involved in this record, I’m genuinely surprised that there’s not been more of a buzz about ‘The Deviant Hearts’ by Phantasma in rock/metal circles. Ok, so it may have been voted by readers of as  Continue Reading »

Kamelot – Haven – Album Review

Artist: Kamelot Album Title: Haven Label: Napalm Records Year Of Release: 2015 If I look back around 10-15 years, I had one go-to band for melodic metal: Kamelot. Their albums ‘Karma’ (2001) and ‘Epica’ (2003) remain firm favourites in my collection. The former was actually discovered via a trip to my favourite record store many  Continue Reading »

Heavy Metal is Not Just ‘Noise’

A while back, I wrote a blog post entitled ‘heavy metal is not just shouty music’ wherein I discussed the fact that metal vocalists don’t just growl, shout and swear. This was underlined by focusing on a handful of vocalists within the genre who can really sing. And when I say that they can sing,  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2013 – Number 15

We’ve reached Day 6 in my ‘Album Of The Month 2013’ countdown. Thanks to everyone for reading these posts so far. Your support is invaluable and it is this that keeps me coming back day after day with another entry in this series. And, if I can introduce a few new bands to people, that’s  Continue Reading »

Half-Way Through 2013 – The Best So Far – Part 5

Just as you (and I for that matter) thought that I had reached the end of this little mini series of mine, I realised that I had missed out on a couple of albums. A heinous crime and one that I felt had to be immediately rectified. The previous instalments can be found here: Half-Way  Continue Reading »

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