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Teramaze – Are We Soldiers – Album Review

Artist: Teramaze Album Title: Are We Soldiers Label: Mascot Label Group Date of Release: 21 June 2019 Melbourne-based Teramaze, led by their founding member Dean Wells, have been in existence since the early-mid 90s but I didn’t jump on the bandwagon until a few years ago when I discovered the Australian quintet’s fifth full-length release,  Continue Reading »

A sneak peek into the new releases due in 2019

Hello dear readers. We’re racing inexorably towards the closing stages of 2018, a year that has brought us a lot of great new music. It has also been a year in which I have written more reviews than ever before. But there’s no rest for the wicked because 2019 will soon be upon us and  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 23 February 2018

The updates are coming thick and fast now, as more and more albums are being announced, confirmed, or further explained. Sometimes I have to go hunting for the latest news to bring you, scouring the bits of social media that the new algorithms apparently don’t want us to see. Today’s update pretty much wrote itself  Continue Reading »

My most anticipated releases of 2018 – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of my annual mini-series where I try to round-up all of the albums that I either know are being released in 2018 or I sincerely hope will be released this year. By now, you know the drill – the previous posts in this series can be accessed by links below –  Continue Reading »

Damnations Day – A World Awakens – Album Review

Artist: Damnations Day Album Title: A World Awakens Label: Sensory Records Release date: 24 March 2017 I have gone on record before about the strength of the heavy music scene in Australia; there is literally no let-up in the number of bands that are coming through. It’s like a torrent. But more than that, these  Continue Reading »

Anticipated music in 2017 – an update – 11 March 2017

It is becoming something of a trend now that  almost immediately after I post one of these updates, one of the mentioned bands will release something new, either a new song or more detailed information about their upcoming release. On the one hand, it is quite funny. But on the other, it means that I’m  Continue Reading »

Album Of The Year 2015 – Number 26

Welcome to Day 5 of my ‘Album Of The Year 2015’ top 30 countdown. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks so far. If you’re new to this list, numbers 27-30 can be accessed via links at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, with no other wordy fanfare, I give you my pick at number 26:  Continue Reading »

Teramaze – Her Halo – Album Review

Artist: Teramaze Album Title: Her Halo Label: Mascot Label Group Year Of Release: 2015 Another day, another good news story. Before I was sent a promo for this release, I knew very little about Teramaze if I’m honest. However, a quick look on that there Internet showed me that there was a definite buzz surrounding  Continue Reading »

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