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Album Of The Year 2013 – Number 5

Hello and welcome dear friends, followers and casual readers. You join me at the business end of my mammoth ‘Album of The Year 2013’ countdown. Today, we hit the top 5, those albums that have had the biggest impact on me during 2013. Bearing in mind how amazingly strong 2013 was for new releases, it  Continue Reading »

Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days – Album Review

Artist: Mercenary Album Title: “Through Our Darkest Days” Label: Prosthetic Records / Noiseart Records Year Of Release: 2013 Isn’t it nice when a band fulfils the potential that you’ve known was there and releases the album of their career? Well, that’s exactly what has happened to Danish metal band Mercenary with the release of album  Continue Reading »

2013 Is Not Finished Yet

Having gone through some of my favourite released so far from 2013, I thought I’d turn my attention to the remainder of the year and highlight some of those albums that I personally, am looking forward to being released. Based on the following list, it threatens to be another strong six months… Haken – “The  Continue Reading »

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