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Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia – Album Review

Artist: Wolfheart Album Title: Wolves Of Karelia Label: Napalm Records Date of Release: 10 April 2020 When you’re a prisoner in your own home, on lockdown during the icy grip of a pandemic that is claiming thousands of human lives every day, it seems fitting to be listening to music that is dark and aggressive.  Continue Reading »

Metal Update – 14 August 2018

Hey All, just a quick three-band update today, but it’s an eclectic mix. The news of all three has been around for a few days, but I felt the need to add my voice to the clamour just in case anyone has missed the news about any of these bands…or needs further persuading to check  Continue Reading »

Wolfheart – Tyhjyys – Album Review

Artist: Wolfheart Album Title: Tyhjyys Label: Spinefarm Records Release date: 3 March 2017 It is fair to say that Tuomas Saukkonen is a music-making machine. Black Sun Aeon, Dawn of Solace and RoutaSielu were all bands that came from the mind and the musical ability of Saukkonen. However, best of the bunch as far as  Continue Reading »

Anticipated music in 2017 – an update – 3 Feb

Welcome to my latest post in what is becoming a new regular feature on the blog of Much Metal. I have always brought you a series of posts where I look ahead at the albums I’m most looking forward to throughout the coming year (Most anticipated releases of 2017). However, as is often the way,  Continue Reading »

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