We’ve reached Day 6 in my ‘Album Of The Month 2013’ countdown. Thanks to everyone for reading these posts so far. Your support is invaluable and it is this that keeps me coming back day after day with another entry in this series. And, if I can introduce a few new bands to people, that’s even better. Mind you, if you disagree with my choices, that’s fine too – tell me and let’s have a discussion.

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serenity warNumber 15:

‘War Of Ages’
Napalm Records

Let’s not beat around the bush. With ‘War Of Ages’, Austrian sextet Serenity have cemented themselves as my go-to band when I want a slice of grandiose, bombastic and over the-top symphonic melodic metal. It used to be Kamelot that scratched this itch for me and, whilst I still love that band, Serenity have overtaken them in my personal estimations.

Before I delve into the music itself, it is worth mentioning the lyrical content and the themes on offer on this album. Given the lead singer, Georg Neuhauser is also a lecturer in history, it comes as no surprise to learn that this album continues where the last one left off, taking the listener on a whistle stop journey through time via some of the most famous and infamous historical figures.

serenity band big

Musically, ‘War Of Ages’ is a sonic treat. From the opening up-tempo double-pedal bombast of rousing opener ‘Wings Of Madness’ to the more delicate ‘For Freedom’s Sake’, this album offers track after track of anthemic music with huge choruses, big meaty riffs, majestic melodies and big symphonic elements that you’ll be singing for days after. And it is properly heavy too. Melodic metal is often criticised for being wimpy and ‘not metal enough’, but this album has plenty of balls to it. This aspect is greatly helped by a really strong production which compliments the music very well indeed.


‘War Of Ages’ is also the first album to feature Clementine Delauney as a full-time member of Serenity. Her beautiful voice compliments Neuhauser’s rich lower range perfectly, leading to some stunning vocal work from both. And the duet on album closer ‘Royal Pain’ is a real show-stopper. So, you want melodic symphonic metal? Look no further…


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